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  1. justinlandis said there could have been documentation? Also I am so sorry for a late reply! I totally forgot about this.
  2. Hello! Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for clearing that up! If there is any documentation that would be great. Thank you!
  3. Okay thank you. I think for now I will wait for more opinions and if i am still not sure i will hard reset it. Thank you!
  4. I don't think I have an infection anymore? I did suspect it however I did scan couple of times and I didn't get anything, and there seems to be no apps that have been affected... Doesn't that mean there must not be an infection? Also i did delete all the cache etc from the browser. And I haven't used the browser after that very much but it seems like there isn't any pop ups coming up anymore. But it's true I still don't know what that "success" was, or how to be sure if there is a malware on my device. Do you have any more ideas?
  5. Yes I think so! Thank you so much for all the help
  6. I have scanned with that particular app again and nothing came up?
  7. I just downloaded that app you mentioned in post #5 and there was nothing that came up.
  8. Yes I was wondering why there were so many or what they meant?
  9. I downloaded virustotal on to my phone, and opened it and it did give me some results but I am not sure what they mean. Many have question marks on them and one app (which is called Loop:HEX has a red icon next to it. The reason why I am suspecting an infection is because I know that control.kochava.com can be a hijacker on browsers so I was worried when I opened it and it said "success" so I thought maybe there is something still on my phone? I will attach the screen shots of the results. ** some of the apps are blurred because they are local apps that contain locations.
  10. I was on an app where an ad popped up and I accidentally clicked on it. Then it led me to a website on my Samsung browser which had the URL control.kochava.com and it said success.... I think I now have a malware on my android? Please help! How do I get rid of it? I did run a scan with the malwarebytes app, however it didn't bring up anything, but I still think there could be something on there. My device is on android 6.0.1.
  11. I feel like I have figured out the difference between normal scans and custom scans, hence why this is taking longer than usual! I have found the answer. Thank you
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