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  1. In the About tab of my client it shows the build date of 2/9/2016!!
  2. Our Management Console states that it is running v I just created an installer without anti-exploit or ransomeware. It now shows the scanner properly, however, it shows the client as v Should the client not also be running v1.9?
  3. I should mention, in add/remove programs, it showed malwarebytes managed client as installed alongside antiexploit and ransomware. Should it also show anti-malware? If so, what exactly is going on here? I should also mention that when creating the installer, I specifically made sure that it was supposed to create start menu and desktop icons though it only does so for antiexploit and ransomware.
  4. We have a number of clients that did not upgrade to v1.9. My workstation is among them. I logged onto the management console and created a new installer. It will show the task tray icon for ransomware and anti-exploit, but ever since upgrading manually to v1.9, I am missing the scanner task tray icon. It reports as installed, though I am unable to even launch it from program files as it appears to be missing. I only see reference to anti exploit and ransomware! I have tried completely uninstalling and rebooting and reinstalling several times.
  5. We currently license and use Malwarebytes for Business. One of our security people wanted us to run a scan on an endpoint using the Malwarebyte's AdwCleaner. Would this be a waste of time or does this actually look for and potentially clean up things that Malwarebyte's for Business doesn't?
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