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  1. using last exile360 instructions, CHKDSK succesfully performed on "C" with 0 erros and "clean disk" results.
  2. APPLIED: This doesn't change (I dont'see any chkdsk running during starup). But perhaps they is nothing to see? MBAM still freeze immediatly after launching.
  3. Any possibility to "edit" previous post ? start to de "desesperate" The situation is worst. now, MBAM freeze immediatly after it has been launched ( 0 file analysed). (Quick run)
  4. OK,but doesn't see any chkdsk running during the restart process. I try it again. Individuals line have now been added to NIs exlusion lists.
  5. I am currently adding the individual line in NIS exclusion lists
  6. I made a big tour around Colorado river last year. We have a very good time. Now, back to the problem. I have only exclude MBAM folders and subfolders from C and C:Documents and settings, is it not enought ? Running the command . Prompt required Y/N reply for execution at the next start appear. Apparently they is one prompt per HDD. No possibility to reply while system return to C:
  7. good to see you where are you based ? ( I am in France) Run manually chkdsk for each drive ( C D F G T) no errors detected. I will now run your command as stated.
  8. Hello Here is results from yesterday night before reading your reply In fact, I was starting to believe that I killed the problem. In fact in NIS 2009, they is 2 places where you need to define your exclusion list. After defining my exlusion list in the second place, I run successfully 3 scans - 1 quick scan - and 2 full scans - and scan N
  9. FYI, FScapture is the software will allow capture of the screen.
  10. Here are the results of 3 tests done this afternoon 1- folder "Malwarebytes" and sub-folder have been excluded of "norton" PC still freeze totaly 2- PC restarted with "safe mode". Only few app/drivers launched . see Attached PC freeze 3- uninstall-rebbot-clean-reboot- install & update (1.41 VD=2811) Norton an spybot stopped PC freeze
  11. Thanks exile360 I will follow this and let you know.
  12. thanks exile 360 What are "the files listed above"? I understand your point of view. But I have difficulties to imagine what are the changes between my last run of MBAM which workfine and now. Since this period - MBAM has noot been updated (I suppose) nor re-install - Norton as not been updated - Spybot has not been updated often the freeze is on ....zipfldr.dll (but not all time) I try to run MBAM in "safe mode" using MSCONFIG and I still have the freeze.
  13. Thanks exile360. As english is not my primary langage I have difficulties to understand your explanation (but I will re-install). My concern is - I have re-install a week ago and updated MBAM - I have no change anything in the AV (even VD) - Updates are manually controlled and I have not updated. - same policy for SPYBOT So, where's the problem. Did you believe that a "conflict" between AV or tea-timer is the source of the problem. If yes, how to solve it definitively? are you speaking about MBAM files versions? I don't underttand this?
  14. This exact procedure has already been applied a week ago. After the new installation MBAM work correctly both for the quick and long test. Did you believe that I need to re-run this procedure?
  15. Various test this afternoon. Even if NIS 2009 and tea timerr are not activited, MBAM freeze. Several situations at various step during the analysis
  16. NIS 2009 is installed on this PC. +SPYBOT with teatimer
  17. Hello to all MBAM 1.4 installed Since yesterday MBAM freeze totaly the PC - MBAM is stopped during the analysis (no always at the same position) - the time counter doesn't move anymore - no control at all of the PC (even CTL ALT SUPP) - rebooting is the only solution I have read the FAQ without identifing the case. I have already solve this problem a week ago by re-installing (uninstall, clean,re-install) but the problem occure again. Any recommandations? thanks.
  18. Here is the logfile mbam_log_2009_09_14__21_55_13_.txt
  19. Hello Any suggestions and/or results ?
  20. The 2 files have been also uploaded according your request. thanks
  21. FILE # 1 http://www.virustotal.com/fr/analisis/1177...2a14-1241654725 FILE # 2 http://www.virustotal.com/fr/analisis/8003...9e87-1192208294
  22. Hello to all Sorry If I post in the wrong section. I just want to be sure that videoispector is a real positiv or a false postive. English is not my primary language, and I apolgyze if my explanations are not clear enought. Thanks Note: doesn't find any way to edit my previous post.
  23. hello to all MBAM reported videoinspector.exe or videoinspector_lite.exe as an Adware:Relevant knowledge. As I use it time to time to analyse video codecs, could you pls confirm that these programmes are Adware? (which doesn't seems to me). If you need more I am ready to run again the scan (very long) and to give you the log . Thanks
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