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  1. I understand. Thanks a lot for the help you provided. I will now make an Acronis image restauration. Could you tell me how the contact will be establish with the develloppers? Am I clear enought in my english explanations? Have a good day.
  2. ATI susccefully uninstalled MBAM still freeze. (quick run)
  3. Just to be sure, if I uninstalled Acronis I can still boot on the bootable acronis CD and re-install any image. why did you believe that acronis coul be the source of the problem?
  4. thanks with this clarification. Did we need to have both SDHelper and teatimer activated ?
  5. hello to all My questions are very simple . Before I was using MBAM, (or tring to use ) I was using Spybot with teatimer actived and with regulars updates / immunization. I have been infected very rarly during several years of usage 1- did you consider Spybot as a complementary tool to MBAM or Spybot is not requested anymore ? 2- is it really interesting to have an immunization mode 3- Did MBAM offer an pro-active protection?
  6. I made a backup before uninstalling adaptec storage manager.
  7. used by my Adaptec 1225SA e-sata card acronis image done Adaptec Storage manager uninstalled - reboot -... 2 Quick runs - the first one freeze at 0/0 - the second freeze on zipfldr.dll As I have installed ESET on this PC since I have uninstalled Norton, is it any thing particular to do with Eset.
  8. Here is the autorun file in Rar format AutoRuns.rar
  9. previous reply was for yardbird @exile360 : I will do
  10. Hello, no, it freeze very often in Windows.
  11. Hello. thanks again for your help. Intel storage manager uninstalled - PC rebooted MBAM still freeze - quick run was OK - long run freeze But this change from time to time. (quick run could also freeze) I dont'expect having any virus /malware on this PC. Until now, the only way that I have to run MBAM 100% successfully is to run it in SAFE MODE (F8).
  12. Complementary info. Very often ( I guess 30% of the freeze) the system freeze on the following file: C:\windows\system32\zipfldr.dll
  13. Hello Doesn't find any : Intel application Accelerator The only Intel app found in the installed pgm list is: "Intel Matrix storage manager" which is probably installed with the Mother board ICH9R
  14. - after removing Norton, I Uninstall and re-install MBAM according the procedure. Results : unpredictable freze ( 2 on 4 runs) Uninstall spybot S&D Results : unpredictable freeze ( 3 on 5) Before uninstalling Intel graphic accelerator, I would like to have an idea about how to -reinstall it properly.
  15. All NORTON products (NIS, NSW, Norton GHOST 2003) totaly removed from the PC. Bad news : MBAM long run still freeze I was very commited to te fact that it was a anti_virus conflict. NEXT STEP :Will go with your suggestion
  16. Here is another idea. As I need to temporary completly remove NIS 2009 (for other purpose) what did you thing of - remove NIS - testing MBAM intensively before going to your suggested test?
  17. Out of time today. Will do that at the end of my afternoon and post for results for tonight. Thanks again for your help.
  18. Hello exile360 1- I am confident in super_pi_mod.exe. this false positiv is not my primary concern for now 2- Analyse done. File attached AutoRuns.zip
  19. thanks for the explanation. Same problem for me today and only in SAFE MODE. The suspected file is super_pi_mod.exe which is on my computer since a very long time and never has been suspected by various ioftware including MBAM until today.
  20. start Windows in safe mode (F8) run succesfully 2 complete scans, each scan - was considerably fastest than previous complete run ( 20' insted of 65') - mention 6 files "super_pi_mod.exe as a malware.packet.krunchy (I don't understand that this expression mean). Question - Why the speed is significantly faster? - Why this malware (assuming it is not a false positive) was discover here and not in all others previous complete "runs"
  21. I am confident in the expert. But start to believe that the problem is difficult to diagnose that I can understand. If they is any way for me to provide more assistance in the investigation process, then I will be pleased to provide it. Here are the last news. - purge protected fie from norton - purge all temporary internet file using purgeIE Pro (which is an excellent tool) - doesn't use the Pc during thae MBAM search - run successfully 4 quicks scan for each option seperatly (memory,register,files, heuristics) apply the purge process from the above - run succesfully 1 quick scan with all option apply once again the purge process - run a complete scan which was close to be fine but unfornutaly freeze at the end during the euristic search (probably 1 minute before finishing) My conclusions for now : - freezes still occurs - not predictables at all ( file, position in the cycle...) Is it a version with a begguging mode which coul help for our investigation?
  22. thanks srtools1980v Currently I am not believing in any infection by virus or malware due to: -conditions of utilisation of this PC -analysis provided by NIS2009 which is now an acceptable solution -analysis provided by Spybot -analysis provide by MBAM (when it runs) -freeze arrive also with Safemode where they is a limited and known number of programms running exception of MBAm freezes, this PC works correcly.
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