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  1. Thank you it worked! It was the free edition I believe but I am almost sure I paid for a premium edition as I did with my anti virus.
  2. I had a message come up this morning about auto update for AE. I clicked it n and now AE is not working! When I try to open it message comes up that it is not working. How do I remedy this please??
  3. Can anyone tell me how to retrieve my licence no. Only part of it is showing and I am getting a new lap top and will need licence to install again. Thankyou.
  4. I also have the shield! I think it's pretty normal as well dont worry about it it shows you have security and will be asked to allow.I am on windows 7 as well.
  5. Yes not sure if it was sat or Sunday but a person called xxalexwdzz put about 12 posts on. They were really filthy and hard core. I did in fact report this and they were removed.
  6. Thankyou I know you do your best and a great lot you are. I have had so much help in the past and I thankyou for that.
  7. Can someone tell me how these abusive posts keep getting in on here. A few days ago there were lots from the same source and I did send a message to a moderator. Now I see yet another has got in it's really offensive and not all of us can laugh it of. I like to come in here to read some interesting posts and to learn! but now am really put off.
  8. Thanks Haider I had allready done that but have now done a system restore and the scheduled scan started working nut's isn't it they have a mind of their own
  9. I have now uninstalled run a clean up and reinstalled but schedular still not working on either update or scanner. It is okay if I run manually but will not perform on the schedule.
  10. Not sure yet have reinstalled and just waiting for scan to start on the schedular, will let you know
  11. It keeps coming up database is 8 days out of updates I do have the correct settings have reset 3 times and nothing happening not even scanning now. I shall probally unistall and reinstall.
  12. Hi. I keep getting a message that my update is 8 days out of date and do I wish to update now. I click yes and then get a message telling me I allready have the updated version. Can you please help.
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