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  1. Hi, The beta/update has indeed appeared to have fixed the BSOD, as I have not encountered another since updating. I did still have issues with long shutdown times, leading to restarts going into recovery mode. Once I did as Exile suggested "For the long shutdown issues, if you disable Ransomware Protection does that alleviate the issue?" and I turned off that portion, I no longer have shutdown issues. Thanks, Bryan
  2. Hi Exile, I wasn't aware that was an option but will look into it. I just uninstalled the entire program and have yet to reinstall it. I thought I would have time this weekend but never got around to it. The startup and shutdown issues are gone now that the program is uninstalled.
  3. hi, I can't find this file, but googling lead me to: C:/Windows/MEMORY.DMP and C:/Windows/Minidump don't exist after Windows 10 Anniversary Update, but there is a folder C:/Windows/LiveKernelReports/ which contains some *.dmp files. I did find a dmpfile there in the LiveKernelReports which I will send.
  4. I had this BSOD happen to me as well. I also have ESET. Only happened once so far, but I have been having extremely long shut down issues in excess of ten min. Once I removed malwarebytes, shutdowns are back to normal.
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