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  1. Thanks have done all you have said. Attached is the last log. Thanks again for all your help. DelFix.txt
  2. I did a scan and then a clean. I probably sent the wrong log. Everything came up fine and it said it found no malicious programs.Rhx
  3. All done - report attached. everything seems to be still working fine - yaaaaaaayyyy. AdwCleanerS10.txt
  4. GREAT news .......I uninstalled the network adaptor and reinstalled it and now everything seems to be working fine......hopefully it will be that way tomorrow!!! Thanks heaps for your help - I really appreciate it. Is there anything else I should do?? Gavin
  5. I have other computers in the house that are working on the network fine. Also, I have been at work today with the computer and it was not registering the work network either. Any ideas of what else I can do or do I need to get it to a computer tech?? Could the repair process have affected the drivers or do you have a theory on what may have happened? Thanks heaps.
  6. It is a samsung laptop. I had already tried the F12 thing but still got the same message. No networks are showing up. When I click on the network icon at bottom of windows 8 I get three options - 1. View network settings, 2. No connections are available and 3. Troubleshoot. I tried troubleshoot and it tells me I need to connect an ethernet cable. I used to click the network icon and it would search for networks but it doesn't do that now.
  7. I don't have any network connections now and no ability to search for networks. It just says "no connections available" Not sure how to fix this - sorry.
  8. I did as requested. I had to restart the netadaptor repair program after the reboot (cause nothing happened) and then reticked the options after the one requiring reboot and then hit run again - was that right?? I have attached the logs. I was also asked whether to repair just the wi fi network adaptor or all adaptors and I said wi fi only. Hope this is OK. netadapter-log-2015-12-10-19-04-42.txt netadapter-log-2015-12-10-19-04-56.txt netadapter-log-2015-12-10-19-20-19.txt netadapter-log-2015-12-10-19-20-31.txt netadapter-log-2015-12-10-19-30-02.txt netadapter-log-2015-12-10-19-30-18.txt
  9. Not sure if relevant but the internet does work on the computer ONLY when I use an internet dongle plugged into a USB port. It does NOT work when I try to connect to a wireless network. Thx
  10. Find results file attached as requested. Thx MTB.txt
  11. I did as you said but ran it again now - the log s attached. The internet still does not connect. THX Fixlog.txt
  12. Thx Ron - I have done all you said but I still can't connect. The files you requested are attached. I await your instruction - thx Fixlist.txt FRST.txt scan log.txt
  13. Hi I am new to this forum. I ran MWBT to clear DNS unblocker. Staright after that I was unable to load any web pages in any browser. my connection says "limited". I am using a wireless router on a home network. I also tried hot spotting my phone which normally works but had the same problem. I do have one connection that does not seem to be affected which is a dongle that attaches to the laptop. Is MWBT affecting the internet or do I have still have the virus? Help please. Thx FRST.txt Addition.txt
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