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  1. www.twitter.com. Images on Twitter are served from *.twimg.com, a image-hosting site operated in-house by Twitter.
  2. Perhaps I was unclear in my description of the problem, so I've made a side-by-side comparison of what Twitter.com looks like with Malicious Website Protection on, and what it looks like with MWP off. As you can see, MWP is blocking images hosted by Twitter. (Forgive the spelling errors in the image, I put it together a bit too hastily)
  3. The pbs.twimg.* domain (Twitter's image-hosting domain) seems to be on the malicious website protection. When Malicious Website Protection is activated, all images uploaded to Twitter don't load, including asset images in Tweetdeck and websites hotlinking from pbs.twimg.* When Malicious Website Protection is not active, all applications and websites behave as expected. Adding pbs.twimg.com and *.twimg.com to the Web Exclusions list does not fix the problem.
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