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  1. Just woke up - Read emails and tried to log here - So , no not yet what procedure -
  2. Reset IE 8 to default and set changes - Still will not allow (as you can see) - First started a few days (3?) ago (exile 360 copped the blame) in the Avira anti virus discussion - Logged on after 3 hours of same sort of problem - Logged on 2 days ago ? early morning, to help someone with browser and CPU problem, and logged out for 1 hour to check on something, and that was the last time -
  3. Did it to both browsers - As you can see it is still not allowing noknojon to log in - This name and the new password I am using still allows me in - I am now back to IE 8 - The MBAM forum login screen must automatically recognise my computer but I can still write over the name with this one -
  4. I am using Firefox at the moment - I was using I.E. 8 until a few days ago - And also have Safari installed as a back up -
  5. Also check http://www.pchelperdesk.com another reseller that is offering a discount -
  6. Hi again - I have run C Cleaner 3 times / Updated and run MBAM / Updated and run S A S / Updated and run Spybot - There still seems to be a problem at the login page - It shows noknojon and my password without me entering any information - I found HKLM\System\ControlSet001\Enum\Root\Legacy_WinVd32 and HKLM\System\ControlSet001\Services\WinVd32 with S A S in Registry keys and C:\Windows\System32\WinVd32.sys in Files also S A S - These were quarantined but have made no change to operations of login problems - MBAM scan earlier showed nothing ?? -
  7. That shows why we have spell check -
  8. Thanks Ron - Will clean 'again' with C Cleaner etc. -
  9. I was almost asking if there is another address to ping / tracert for the forum - What is strange is that on the same computer with another name / P/word I can now get in -
  10. Thanks yardbird - I sent an email to a "moderator" - The reply at the login page is not specific , but it was almost the same as I posted here -
  11. Sorry if you miss read it - the I believe 100% was directed to exile360 's previous comment regarding his "blocking" -
  12. Hi again - I am sorry if I put it wrongly - I can tracert and ping malwarebytes.org but I was not sure if there is a separate line to the forum - If there is can you please let me know -
  13. Hi all - I have just created a new account here as notonjon since I have problems with logging in as noknojon (my normal account name) - Exile360 sent me to Tracert and ping which I have used and seem to have no problems accessing Malwarebytes or any other company I tried - If anybody has any other ideas why I can't log in can you please help me - Thanks (noknojon) -
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