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  1. The following two files are false positives affecting Team Center. orawtc9.dll oravsn9.dll FalsePositives.zip
  2. Hi pbust thanks for the reply and help. 1195 did not fix the issue and I will post the logs when the machine is powered up. This install is in China and I am in the US so will have to wait.
  3. I'm having an issue with several pc's where the browser, IE in particular, will not open with the MBAE service running. If I stop the service the browser will function correctly. If the service is running and I start IE it opens temporarily with a not responding and then closes. Thanks in advance for any help!!
  4. Both of my devices are clean now. Thanks so much for the prompt fix.
  5. Have the same problem on two mobile devices. Please help I use my phones for my banking so am I at risk??
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