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  1. I am running premium, update package 1.0.19494, component package 1.0.823. Where can I find the latest version information for the most up-to-date release of Malwarebytes Premium? Thanks.
  2. Thank you exile360 for your detailed reply. I have installed v4 on the computer with a HDD mentioned above and the custom scan took 40 min 5 sec. The excessive time for a full scan seems to be an issue with the original computer I installed it on and not with the v4 release. Please lock/close this thread.
  3. v4 custom scan of primary hard drive (449,614 items) took 9 hr, 2 min, 52 sec. Logs attached. Scan results in attached mbfullscancompleted.txt Tried running the same scan this morning after a reboot with no other applications running to see if this was an anomaly. Interrupted it after 3 hours with only 155,016 items scanned. Results in attached mbfullscaninterrupted.txt I am still running version 3.8.3 on two other windows 10 computers. Full scan on one with a SSD of 510,060 items took 15 min, 31 sec. Full scan on the other with a HDD of 475,413 items took 39 min, 46 sec. mbfullscancompleted.txt mbfullscaninterrupted.txt mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. 4.0.4 installed now after following instructions above. Thank you Maurice Naggar and LiquidTension.
  5. Running version 3.8.3. Following the instructions in https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-3531?utm_source=double-opt-in&utm_medium=email-internal-B2C&utm_campaign=EM-B2C-MB4-GA-Windows-Premium&utm_content=banner-cta from the "Introducing Malwarebytes 4.0: Smarter, faster, and lighter than ever" email. It saves MBsetup which I click to install and give UAC permission. It informs me it needs to reboot to complete installation. Upon reboot, it does nothing and I have no Malwarebytes running. I have tried running MBsetup again with the same result. I get version 3.8.3 when initiating Malwarebytes manually from the start menu.
  6. Thank you tetonbob and garioch7 for your replies and input. Helps me feel more confident that I am well covered against ransomware. Cheers!
  7. Are there any known conflicts or issues with running ransomware protection and macrium guardian to protect backups? If I'm using macrium guardian to protect my backups, is there any advantages to using the malwarebytes ransomware component as well? Apologies - I am not that technically adept. Malwarebytes version: Component version: 1.0.508 Update version: 1.0.8728 Thanks.
  8. v2016.01.22.08 scan came back clean. Thank you.
  9. Yes. Just updated the Spybot S&D signatures and ran a custom scan on C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc. 6 identifications on the hosts file.
  10. Threat scan reporting hijack.host on /etc/hosts. Malware or false positive? Log and file attached. Thanks. hosts.zip scan_jan212016.txt
  11. I had the same threats flagged. Unfortunately, I deleted them immediately. Guess I'm screwed unless I can find another way to restore them?
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