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  1. I'm waiting on the admin to move the Anti-Exploit version to version 1.08. Once that's done I will test again and let post again with my results. Thanks for your support pbust.
  2. Thanks, I will check to make sure the version they have is 1.08.
  3. I have a user I'm working with that uses Turning Point to do her job; however, Anti-Exploit keeps triggering a false positive and not allowing PowerPoint to load the plugin. This is a plugin for PowerPoint that allows users to survey student input with clickers. This is a legitimate piece of software used by a lot of colleges. I looked in the logs and see that the software has blocked it, but I cannot exclude it, the block doesn’t generate a hash (Exclude is grayed out and can’t in the management console without a hash). I have been deactivating the shield on PowerPoint to get around this, but
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