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  1. I did send it; don't know why you have not received it. Had a reply ftom Malwarebytes. No text filter for Andriod so can't help.
  2. I keep getting spam on my Andriod phone:- "Automatically forward SMS messages to your PC/phone Your free trial of premium version has ended" It does not come via text but by notifications. I use Malwarebytes on my phone but when I run a scan Malwarebytes does not pick up this scam. If I upgrade to MalwareBytes premium, as I have on my pc, would the scam be found? Any advice please?
  3. I have Malwarebytes version on Galaxy phone and tablet OS 10 I think I should have "Malwarebytes for Andriod" However I can't seem to install it. I uninstalled version and restarted my phone and tablet then via Google Playstore I installed the only version of Malwarebytes shown. When this was installed it was What am I doing wrong; why can't I get "Malwarebytes for Andriod"?
  4. Sorry to come back late, other computer problems needed fixing. I think I may have tried to use my Malwarebytes FORUM login 🙂 Looks like now working. Sorry to trouble you
  5. Browser guard will not accept my email address, either my own domain or gmail; "We could not submit this email. It may be invalid" error message. Using Malware Bytes Free version. Any advice please
  6. Want to upgrade my Andriod Malwarebytes to Premium; paying yearly. When I get to the payment page I want to use PayPal. But the page is asking for my PayPal email address and PayPal mobile number. I am sure that normal use with PayPal is that a PayPal dialog opens and I confirm that it is ok to pay. Why is this app asking for my email and mobile number? Any advice please?
  7. Malwarebytes ( ran today and it said Tor.exe is a trojan. I did not know it was on my PC and have never used it; should I uninstall it?
  8. Thanks now resolved. Bleeping Computer gave me a few programs to run which have stopped the infection.
  9. Now done a manual scan of this other drive and though finding a few PUPs and one malware as a "riskware.Tool.CK" it has not found any of the Vigorf files that Windows Defender has?? I have looked in the folder that has all the Vigorf files and can see I no longer need them so I will delete that whole folder; Good idea?
  10. The files being attacked are only a physically separate HD, the one that holds my data, from the C: drive
  11. I have a Windows 10 pc running Malwarebytes Premium 3 and Windows Defender. For the last 2 days Windows Defender is finding Vigorf.A on this pc. MB Premium is running real time protection. Why is that not stopping Vigorf.A? Any advice please?
  12. Thank you. Now Free 3.0 running But should not this be explained on installation; not requiring additional questions from user, as I assume that the Premium trial is the the only way to get to the Free 3.0?
  13. I think I have not got what I want. Firstly I have Malware Premium 3.0 on one Win 10 machine; this is used for general surfing etc so needs real time protection. I also have another Win 10 machine that is used very rarely for surfing and only to very selected websites. So use the free MalwareBytes on that machine. Manually run the scan when I think I need to. Today opened MalwareBytes on that machine to see an update was available. Went to the download page and got "mb3-setup-consumer-" from under the column saying free; did not notice that, at the top were words saying Prem
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