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  1. I initially installed MBARW Beta8 (v0.9.17.661) as the only previous install attempt. I followed your instructions to remove and re-install clean. After complete re-install, it still freezes video momentarily watching Amazon Prime videos through the Chrome browser. When MBARW is disabled, the momentary freezing does not occur. The freeze occurs about every 10 minutes during playback for about 1 - 2 seconds.
  2. Attached is the compressed file. If you need me to perform additional tests for a longer duration, I will be happy to. MalwarebytesARW_TX1836.zip
  3. Installed latest Anti-Ransomware BETA on Windows 10 Pro running latest patches on all software. Also have Licensed Anti-Malware and Licensed Anti-exploit. Computer is Alienware X-51 R3 i7 6700 3.40 GHz w/16 Gb RAM. Using latest Chrome browser and Amazon Prime Video, video freezes every 10 minutes or so. Test by turning off Anti-Malware and no freezing of video. Enabled Anti-Ransomware on next video and repeat freezing. Network is 75 Mbps down and 9 Mbps up. Have two .json detections "objectPath" : "C:\\Windows\\System32\\wbem\\WmiPrvSE.exe","
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