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  1. Regarding web exclusion reminders, it could be possible to have a checkbox to actively disable the reminders for people like you who are confident of what is in web exclusions. Probably I'm a normal user and I seem to be getting on OK in the last week without anything in Web exclusions. I use remote desktop between my two desktops which are on different networks and my laptop which I take around to different places. I don't have problems so I guess that these IP addresses are not on Malwarebytes list of blocked sites.
  2. Recently I discovered suspect IP addresses in Web Exclusions field under Settings. I did not put them there knowingly. I have sought advice on this. I have deleted the IP addresses and run MBAM and AV software and do not think I have any infection. My concern however is that the green smiley face and message ... Your system is fully protected ... is inconsistent with the presence of rogue IP addresses in Web Exclusions. I am not a computer expert but have sufficient interest to discover these exclusions and join and post to a forum. I suspect that many (the majority?) of users would be happy
  3. Thanks again for your advice. I will post my suggestion for the notification feature at the place you suggest. OwenS
  4. PS ...from OwenS I am studying the available assistance link for infected computers. Wow this is complicated. But I'm not convinced it applies to me now as I don't think my computers are infected. Malwarebytes has not detected anything nor my other virus software. I'm really more concerned about whether I was compromised in the past ... ie what the implications are of having had these IP addresses in Web Exclusions. OwenS
  5. Thanks for your response. I am sorry for this confusion. I decided it would be nice to participate in the forum, as I might learn a lot. I have e-mailed to close the ticket. It appears that I am getting answers to my question as to how the IP addresses could have appeared in Web Exclusions. However I would appreciate if anyone could comment on the risks ... ie my final paragraph in original post. Malwarebytes was recommended to me by people at work. This gives me confidence. But when you go to the Dashboard there is this green smiley emoticon with ... Your system is fully protected ...
  6. I discovered about 2-4 IP addresses in Web Exclusions on each of my two desktops and laptop. I think they had been there for a long time because honestly I did not check this settings earlier. IP addresses were from Nigeria, India, Moldova, Netherlands. I removed them immediately. I contacted support who said they are there by user action on purpose or by accident. I have looked at forum and surfed.Others have had this problem. My impression is that nobody know for sure how this happens. One poster suggest it might be an inadvertent response clicking on the Malwarebytes popups notifying a
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