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  1. When Windows 10 first came out I was supper excited had a lot of cool features but after a month or less I really stared to hate it I had to sweak a lot of stuff and I'm one of those people who formats there pc quite often and I don't feel like doing all those tweaks again, I really hate the color schem and bright white colors hurts my eyes had to download a night theme and it wasn't the best for gaming so I go back to Windows 7 an the only reason why I keep going back to Windows 10 is to see if they fixed my compatibility issues but they didn't I wanted to like Windows 10 but will for ever love the Windows 7 aero and how simple it was but soon Windows 7 will not get anymore secuirty updates so that's one of the reason I kinda wanted to get use to Windows 10 an also hate the spying too in endows 10 and force update. Let me know what you think.
  2. Odd it should i just tested it on my VM and it works with windows media player.. but oh well.
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