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  1. Actually I still get the notification during the startup, I got rid of the annoying tray in the right corner of the screen.
  2. So why not more than one blank space so we can chose each file individually but then deleting them at the same time? Something like the file I attatched...(warning: lame paintshop ahead)
  3. Ahmm...can we talk about the FileASSASIN or any other way to superdelete more than 1 file per time? My XP is doing just fine.
  4. Yeah, it's dummy. Waiting for Windows 7. The thing is that Im dealing with files that regerenate each other in case just one is deleted. I need to kill 4 at the same time.
  5. Or then being able to chose a whole folder to be deleted.
  6. I really found the FileASSASIN to be useful. It helped me to get rid of the WGA notification But I have an annoying bank protection software that refuses to be uninstalled. And I believe the FileASSASIN could help me tremendously if it only were able to delete more than 1 file per time. I hit Ctrl+A and it doesn't chose all the files. So, my suggestion is to the user be able to murder more than 1 file per time.
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