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  1. It appears it was a firewall in need of a reboot......
  2. I have a number of computers, all on the same network, that won't update. I suspect that there's a DNS issue but so far can't pin it down. Well, DNS works but it seems slow. Changing DNS servers doesn't seem to help all that much. Any suggestions?
  3. Problem solved. It seems that a facility firewall reboot was needed. Just a guess but it did the trick. Thank you very much for the help!!
  4. Did that download and install and reboot on all 3 computers as instructed. Here are the results: sB_168 Unable to contact license server after pasting license into it..so still free version. Updates showing green checkmark. LB_155 Licensed. But, check for updates when started, runs, then ends and continues to report Check for Updates with Scan Status Updates showing a yellow exclamation point. And, clicking on My Account gets Unable to contact license server. LB_136 Licensed. But, check for updates when started, runs, then ends and continues to report Check for Updates
  5. Here are the files from the 3 computers.... mb-check-results LB_155.zip mb-check-results_SB_168.zip mb-check-results_LB_136.zip
  6. I have a few computers on which updates have started failing. All are Windows 10 Pro 1703 or 1709. On two of these, used MB-Clean, downloaded and installed again. But THOSE say they can't reach the license server - so remain in the free mode. Nothing special has been done to these computers and other computers remain working fine re: Malwarebytes Pro.
  7. I was checking a number of computers for Windows updates, Malwarebytes status, etc. I found 28% of the computers with Malwarebytes uninstalled more or less. The Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware Folder had but one folder and no files within it. That folder was LKG(?) and had only mbae.dll within it. What's going on???
  8. I reinstalled Malwarebytes on the Windows 8 system and now both programs appear to be working together again. strange ..... Still a worry re: my customers.....
  9. I know that's what we normally see. The whole point of my post was to say, clearly I hope, that IT DID NOT!! It said exactly what I described. It turns out that a reboot fixed the problem. But it was sure strange! Thanks for the replies.
  10. I couldn't say initially that this is related to Malwarebytes 3.06.1469 update package 1.0.1419 BUT it seemed suspicious. See below. This is important because I use it on my customer's systems!!! Today, on a Windows 7 Pro system, I found Windows Defender not running. I've used Malwarebytes alongside Windows Defender VERY successfully on MANY computers for years. So, my expectation is that 3.0 will continue to cooperate (as advertised). The Windows Defender service was not running and was set to Manual. It would not turn on. I could set it to Automatic though. A reboot fi
  11. I just installed 3.06 in a Wndows 7 system. It appears to be working except: When I right click on the system tray icon, there is NO selection to Open Malwarebytes! Only to hide or exit.... This is a trial version so far but that should do this should it? What's to be done? Thanks
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