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  1. Finally, got it to stop. Changing the service to manual in the services is not enough, I had to set it to disabled to stop it from running. Won't delete yet. I'll bet 100% that the idiot programmers ASSUMED that the servers would be up 100% of time. Now that they are failing the program is failing to recognize the servers being down and the code is probably looping around and around starting up the same methods trying to communicate with the server, thus causing the memory issue. Idiots. And what is up with the "new member". lol. Been a customer for nearly 5 years.
  2. Dam. can't stop it. Turned it off in services and killed it but they must be using tasks to restart it as well. What a f'ng nightmare this is. Can't get any work done today.
  3. Thank you. I agree with you about it being an MB issue but when will they fix it? I'm shutting off the service for the time being as I'm going to crash again if it keeps growing. I killed the service once but it restarted as it is set up to do and it is growing again.
  4. Dam. I just did a scan and it came up clean but mbamservice is now up to 5GB of memory being used. what is up? Besides it is using a single core at 100% Yes, I ran the mbclean after the last install. Here is the mbcheck mb-check-results.zip
  5. So my nightmare begins again. First off my machine crashed while playing a game. I reboot and run chkdsk and a scan just for the heck( it ran yesterday with unnoted issues.. I notice mbamservice creeping up and up in memory usage to over 8GB of memory. I rebooted before I ran out of RAM as I wasn't sure what my virtual memory was set to, possibly none. As the machine reboots I notice mbamservice running and already up to and over 2gb of memory. So what the hell, uninstall and reinstall. 3 times to reinstall as the license server is not responding. Nor are the updates. I can access other sites fine so it isn't an internet issue. I haven't installed any new software on my machine in months. Now I'm stuck with the fresh install with no updates which I'm sure that they will fix by next week. My question is why is mbamservice eating up such an absurd amount of memory. ever?!?!? Updated: Btw the web protection issue is still there. It won't turn on. IT turned itself off when I had to reboot and I can't get it to work again. Probably because the servers that it uses from malwarebytes are down and it can't communicate with them. Wish I had thought about this before I started to try and fix this mess.
  6. Removed. Misread the message. Nothing new. The servers for updates and licenses appear to be down. Downloads are working but extremely slowly.
  7. Same here. Had problems where it turned off the web protection. While trying to fix that I uninstalled and I'm trying to reinstall but the license server is not responding. I'm 99% sure that their severs are down because of the long delays as it tries to get info from the servers. No other problems with the internet either.' That appears not to be the only server of theirs that is down. Trying to download ANYTHING from their websites it taken minutes to just get a screen to appear. No other problems without other sites.
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