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  1. Thanks, Why does this keep happening? Regards, Steve
  2. Hi, Malwarebytes has just started flagging the old files. Please advise. Additionally, I don't understand what the file in the $recycle.bin folder is, I can't get to it to add to the archive. Regards, Steve Malware_Scan_Log_11May2021.txt MalwareBytes Identified.zip
  3. Already done, but I getting tired of having legitimate sites blocked.
  4. Then why, if I whitelist, it still gets blocked?
  5. Hi, It appears form reading the support tickets that Malwarebytes is blocking a large number of authentic sites. Why is this so? It is undermining confidence in the product. Regards, Steve
  6. Hi, I believe the following website is being blocked incorrectly. www.hawkesburyshowground.com.au. Even if entered in exclusions, it still won't let me in. Additionally, I am getting a large number of blockages to authentic sites. It is getting to the point where I do not trust Malwarebytes any longer. Regards, Steve
  7. Hi, This is an old file that is now showing positive. FreemakeVideoDownloaderSetup.zip MWB_23Feb2021.txt
  8. P.S, It is possible MWB updated after the scan, I scan nightly at 3AM here in Australia EDT. Auto updte is on.
  9. Hi, I believe this is a false positive. Malware_Scan_Log_5Feb2021.txt klcp_update_1404_20180307.zip
  10. Hi, Please check attached file, it is not a positive IMO. Regards, Steve Castle iview438_setup.zip
  11. Hi, Please advises if this is a false positive. The previous three day's scan came up clean and I have not installed any software since. Regards Steve Malwarebytes_Log.txt PDFDocScout.zip
  12. Thanks, I have automatic update set, it must have updated after the scan. Regards, Steve
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