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  1. Hello, One of our games is detected as Malware.AI.1226650457 after protecting with DRM (before protecting it's clean). Could you please review and remove the warning? The infected file, as well as the log file, are in the attached sample.zip archive. Thanks! sample.zip
  2. Hello, It was noticed that malwarebytes is blocking our domain stamp.iwin.com. Could you please investigate and remove the block? stampiwincom.zip with screenshots and logs is attached. We had similar issue in the past, which was solved: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/238981-iwincdncom-is-blocked-as-trojan/?_fromLogin=1 Thank you! stampiwincom.zip
  3. Hello, Malwarebytes is currently blocking p.iwin.com domain, which prevents our new customers from downloading games from our portals such as www.iwin.com and www.iplay.com. Could you please investigate and remove the warning? Thank you! p.iwin.com.txt
  4. Hello, Our customers have reported that every time they access our game portals: https://www.iwin.coom/ http://downloadgames.pogo.com/ http://zone.msn.com/en/root/downloads.htm?intgid=hp_Nav_2 https://www.iplay.com https://www.download-free-games.com/ MalwareBytes blocks iwincdn.com domain. Could you please investigate and remove the warning? Logs are attached. Thank you! logs.zip
  5. Hello, We are experiencing similar issue (PUP.Optional.IWin) on our another portal www.download-free-games.com. Here are some examples: https://stamp.iwin.com/dfgugm3/v1/2460535285296865860/farm-frenzy-3-american-pie-free/47/0/farm-frenzy-3-american-pie-freeSetup.exe https://stamp.iwin.com/dfgugm3/v1/2460468335946957126/real-crimes-jack-the-ripper-free/47/0/real-crimes-jack-the-ripper-freeSetup.exe https://stamp.iwin.com/dfgugm3/v1/5499830792332640159/igt-slots-game-of-the-gods/47/0/igt-slots-game-of-the-godsSetup.exe https://stamp.iwin.com/dfgugm3/v1/4006613499724968468/travel-
  6. Hello, www.iwin.com and dl.iwin.com no longer blocked by Google (fixed months ago) and we also removed all legacy EXEs from our servers that contained the toolbar. So could you please review one more time please? Thank you!
  7. Hello There is currently false positive Pup.Optional.iWin malware warning on our stub installer for all games on www.iwin.com. We had conduit toolbar in it, but it was removed in August 2015. Could you please review and remove the warning? Stub installer iWinGamesStub.zip is attached and here are sample urls: http://dl.iwin.com/games/v2/1733339479800196637/6899381140428172624/13/0/pantheonSetup.exe?ACDCMD=PF/1733339479800196637/6899381140428172624/13/0 http://dl.iwin.com/games/v2/1733385611413457307/6900170689451508951/13/49/Luxor2Setup.exe?ACDCMD=PF/1733385611413457307/6900170689451508951
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