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  1. This is retarded, why is there no phone number for resellers like me to use for issues like this.

    I've sold hundreds and hundreds of licenses directly and made additional hundreds of recommendations that have mostly converted (I see them licensed next time they bring them into my shop) and now I can't even buy a batch of licenses and there's no way to get any help.

  2. You probably have either a DNS hijacker, or a Bad Proxy. Make sure your connections aren't using a manually assigned DNS address or manually assign a known safe one like opendns and make sure than all proxies are turn off (internet options/connections/lan settings.

    Sometimes they occur at a level that the applets dont display the hijack, in which case you can download both an up to date version of MBAM and Spybot PLUS the seperate spybot definitions update on another computer and either burn them to a cd or transfer with a lockable flash drive or memory card to the infected machine and they will often fix them.

  3. First let me just say that imo MBAM is the single best security tool I've found in 18 years of professional PC service. And the company that makes it is admirable rather than contemptible like so many others.

    I consider MBAM the most vital part of the basic security package I recommend for most of my clients. And I have sold about a thousand licenses in the last year or so.

    Plus it just seemed to keep getting better!

    All the being said, there is one major problem which really needs fixed.

    I'm seeing many computers that I've setup MBAM Pro on, coming back to my shop with their MBAM software and definitions being many months out of date. The auto-update is breaking and not working again until someone manually opens the program and checks for updates. Frequently, if you right click on the tray icon, it will check for updates to definitions and SAY that it's getting the program update, but won't actually DO the program update unless you open the main interface and initiate an update from in there, then reboot and do it AGAIN.

    Another example is: Is several months ago there was an MBAM program update that removed update events from peoples schedules. So after the program auto updated that day, it would never auto update again unless the user went in and re-added an update event to the scheduler.

    This is a big problem because users have no indication their MBAM stopped updating six months ago and they end up infected and standing at my counter saying "you set up my security and now I'm infected!".

    I think the quickest workaround would be to add update status alerts, every time the tray icon loads make it check with the server as to whether both the program and definitions are up to date and notify the user, at least then they'd know something needs done. And then devote some resources to making a more robust updater as it becomes possible.

    Any response to these issues would be much appreciated; and thanks again for the excellent product!

  4. Only way is to disable UAC, which is not recommended.

    The reason behind this is that Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware needs administrator privileges. How do you expect it to scan a hard drive and delete malicious files without administrator privileges. There is just no way around this architecture.

    I hope I'm not being rude or ignorant, but if there's no way around it, why don't other security software products, like Avira, trigger UAC?

  5. I'm just curious, I just bought my 4th 100 pack of MBAM licenses and before that I bought a ton of lesser packs like 50's and 25's.

    It would be interesting to see the stats on how many licenses other authorized resellers are moving for you guys, anonymously of course.

    Or even just a bit of info on like how many units the top few biggest resellers have sold. Might drive a bit of competition to see who can sell the most! Maybe even have a contest, hehehe.

    My clients are loving it btw and it's really reduced the reinfection rate. My recommended llineup for security is, MBAM PRO, Avira, immunize with spybot / spywareblaster, Firefox with Web of Trust, and for some folks also sandboxie. Normally just windows firewall unless they are travelling in like south america or mexico alot. hehe

    What do you guys think?

  6. 1. Multi-boot systems. Most of my machines are dual boot or more. Like XP, Vista and Ubuntu on this one for example. Can I run the same license in each OS on the same machine?

    2. Reusing a license. I'm an authorized MBAM reseller, have sold about 250 licenses so far. Eventually some client's hard drive is going to die while their MBAM license is active. Is there anything I need to do before using the same license on their new hard drive/replacement PC?


  7. Hi - In a word 'yes'

    It is only to remove the paid version so you can set it up on another system -

    You can then install the free version on the PC and install the paid version on your laptop -

    Both versions are similar but the paid version needs to be removed (remember your key #) to be installed on another machine -

    It will not work properly unless you remove as per instructions -

    Contact back if still not sure - :(


    EDIT - As long as you have an active antivirus there should not be any problem with being on line for 5 mins or so -

    Thank you, I've recently started recommending the paid version to my clients and stuff like this is important to know in advance. Your reply is much appreciated! :(

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