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  1. Dear Sunny: I too originally spent about an hour trying to do that. I finally got in touch with Malwarebytes technical support and they told me not to worry about it at all-it is something that will be fixed on the next major Malwarebytes system update. I use both Malwarebytes home premium alongsde Webroot Anywhere Complete on my other two computers, for over six years with great success. For some reason, on the Fire Tablet, Malwarebytes shows a notice that usage access is not enabled, when in fact it really is and you you are fully protected. Don't worry, you are fully protected and they will
  2. I recently purchased the latest version of Malwarebytes premium for three PCs, and I noticed that the install was very fast and it seemed to clean up a lot of junk that my Webroot Anywhere Complete missed. Can I run the Malwarebytes alongside the Webroot? Would there be a problem with that? Also, I've noticed that Malwarebytes seems to run in the background more, when I click on the security center on my laptop, only Webroot is listed as up and running and up to date, it doesn't show Malwarebytes, but I know its working because I ran the test check on it and it is working fine. I plan to only
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