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  1. sorry, i've been busy lately. I will do as you requested in a few hours
  2. still can't run rougekiller, even after renaming to userinit.exe Fixlog.txt
  3. Addition.txt FRST.txt here are the new files from the scan
  4. okay, i downloaded a new FRST from the link you sent before and the new one is working
  5. it's terminating FRST now. i ran FRST and it showed up in my processes for 2 seconds and then stopped
  6. Did as you requested and none of them ran, tried running installer as well and it still wont run. Tried each one and none of them even poped up in the processes list or applications in Task Manager.
  7. i ran the first one you sent me "services repair" and it worked but mbam clean wont run
  8. I did as you said for the first part and it seems as though explorer isn't opening the background ads anymore, however i am still unable to run the installer for malwarebytes Fixlog.txt this is the txt file it made after running as you requested, have any ideas on how to force the installer?
  9. Result.txt and this one, sorry forgot to put in last post
  10. nothing works, should i just format my hard drive?
  11. it wont run, the only thing that has run is doctor web cure it and that can't fix the problem it detects because it can't edit the partition
  12. do you know how i can remove it? because webcureit seems to be unable to remove it
  13. HDD0: MBR - Ok HDD0 Partition1: Active MBR NTFS\exFAT partition - infected with Trojan.Mayachok.5 HDD0 Partition1: Active MBR NTFS\exFAT partition - infected HDD0 Partition2: MBR NTFS\exFAT partition - Ok HDD0 Partition3: MBR NTFS\exFAT partition - Ok HDD1: MBR - Ok HDD1 Partition1: MBR NTFS\exFAT partition - Ok Total 0 bytes in 0 files scanned (6 objects) Total 5 files are clean Total 0 files (1 object) is infected Scan time is 00:00:00.082 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Start curing -------------------------------------------------------------
  14. okay so i followed some instructions someone else gave and i donwloaded dr webfixit it's the only one i was able to run and it said it detected trojan.mayachok.5 in HDD0 partition 1
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