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  1. In order to avoid what sounds like one hell of a bureaucracy and resume real time coverage, I have used the removal tool, re-installed Malwarebytes and purchased a new license for 2 computers for 2 years instead of persuing the renewal issue, contrary to your recommendation, because I feel it was in the interest of time and also I'm easily frustrated by ambiguous answers like, "You're all set, your license will be automatically renewed" when such is not the case. With other automatically renewed yearly subscriptions, I get an email about a week before reminding me of the impending renewal, and
  2. My Malwarebytes license was supposed to be renewed automatically for my two latops but I've got an "Expired License" pop up on both. When I click on renew, I get a screen that tells me, "You're all set! You will be auto-renewed at the yearly date of your original purchase". However, this is the date of my original purchase and it has not been renewed. I have the following questions: 1) How can I manually renew? The automatic renewal has apparently failed 2) How do I get a temporary renewal so I will have real time coverage in the interim? 3) Should I uninstall and reinstall Malwarebytes Prem
  3. Last night I ran a full Malwarebytes scan after finishing using one of my laptops for the day. However, after the scan was completed I left my laptop on all night with no open browsers, just the icons and the desktop gadgets on the display screen. Upon waking in the morning, I saw that my laptop had run its scheduled Malwarebytes full scan during the night and detected 56 PUPS. With no browsers open between the time I manually ran the scan and Malwarebytes ran its scheduled scan, 56 PUPS found their way into my system. Where could they have come from with no browsers open? Incidentally, I hav
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