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  1. I need help with my files, please. For some reason Gmer is the only one that detects intrusion, everything else (including detection program) is passing by unharmed unless it is linked to a ''pup''. Running a copy legit of windows 8, I download a bit here and there but I'm not a heavy surfer. I don't want to reformat, are there any solutions? I tried even Trojan remover and unhack me nothing works to remove the problems (which I guess are rootkits, worms and trojans) Thanks in advance GMER 2.1.19357 - http://www.gmer.net Rootkit scan 2015-10-28 10:54:38 Windows 6.2.9200 x64 \Device\Harddi
  2. and just for the record, I'm not going on adult websites and the only time Io do financial transactions is with paypal. Definintely not the type of person who will enter his credit card information on a site that will make me a sitting duck after. I don't even go and watch free content from overseas and I'm not some elder age citizen with a loaded wallet visiting places of ill repute. So I'm definitely thinking this has to do with spying because the surrounding businesses are obviously competing with this one, the connection is almost public, the password probably hasn't been changed and many
  3. This could be a serious issue, I'm not a super rich person but I'm making more than my coworkers who could be jealous/thinking of seeding my computer I tried deleting my actual user in windows 8 but it didn'T work, the other new user only had guest features even if I gave it full administrator. I also have a partitioned hard drive I was planning on installing linux but never did. Could malicious programs use this (dead) memory space, my processor, and my RAM to infect with bot nets? I have a clean ''task manager'' and other interfaces are ok too. I am in America now but travelled in Asia once
  4. Good morning/evening I've read many posts here and elsewhere, installed the required/suggested programs and finally thought it would be wise to add my problem to the pile :s It's been a while since the computer is kind of slow, I installed all the updates, windows, java, flash, the malware byte rootkit remover and malware remover, super anti spyware, changed comodo for zone alaram, and now I'm having spyware cease/Avg /adva canced system care, GMER (so far the only one that actually recognizes something and allows me to kill process but they pop randomly) and I know what false positives are,
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