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  1. Again, thank you immensely. This forum is a great service. Will certainly be more careful in the future, this scared me pretty good lol. Goodbye and hopefully I won't have to return here.
  2. Well after a painfully slow near 6 hours and this scanning program is finally done. That was grueling. I believe this is what you're looking for: log.txt If not, I saw an option to copy the threat list: ESETthreats.txt
  3. Ah, wunderbar! It didn't show up when I restarted! Thank you my German friend, you are a live saver! Here is the log: Fixlog.txt If there is nothing else to task, I'll take my leave. If somehow it shows up again, I'll return here. But it seems to have disappeared and I can finally rest. Thanks again so much!
  4. I've already scanned with the first two before, but I did again like you asked for assurance purposes. MalScanResult.txt FRST.txt Shortcut.txt
  5. Okay, here are the results: Addition.txt FRST.txt
  6. Good evening. I've become infected with a russian browser hijacker known as "smartinf.ru" and/or "Mail.Ru." I've scoured all night for answers for this (including here), and while some helped, it seemed to not completely erase the problem. I have scrubbed away seemingly all traces from add-ons and settings from my browsers and refreshed them, deleted/uninstalled suspected files upon detection, even scanned twice over... but still, somehow, it still automatically opens its homepage by itself with my default browser (firefox) every time I restart. Which I must infer means that this malware is
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