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  1. Pedro, Success! installed following directions. Install recognized the premium update. I can see the task running in Task Manager, Services and in the System Taskbar. I ran the MBAE calculator test and got the exploit screen! thanks for your help.....leo
  2. One other debug I did: I manually started MBAE and waited 5 min. I could see it running in the Task Manager; It still shows as NOT running in Windows Services; The icon does NOT appear in the Taskbar Icon notifications (either active or hidden). If I run the MBAE exploit test of the calculator by clicking the Exploit version of the call - most of the time the calculator starts w/no exploit notifications. Every "10th" start or so it starts the calculator and then a message from MBAE Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Protection is not started. The Anti-Exploit process will now be terminated. MBAE the di
  3. Sorry for the delay - but MBAE was running since my last post; i could see it in the task bar. Yesterday i noticed that it wasn't in the task bar. The only recent change I can think of is that I switched from free to premium. I successfully entered the codes that came from the cleverbridge purchase email. This morning I redownloaded from the email link and installed MBAE and the rebooted (cold metal start). Nothing showing in Task bar; not running in Services. If I start the program manually, I can see it running in Task Manager, but Services shows it with a blank Status (even after a view ref
  4. Forgot to add the zip of the prgramdata directory. attached Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.zip
  5. I followed the directions regarding fix with multiple reboots and uninstall/install of product. No joy. The application will "run" for 10 or 15 minutes and then I get a dialog (see attached). I have tried both the mbae-setup- & ​mbae_setup- with the requisite reboots and they both exhibit the same behavior of throwing the dialog box. I have installed the tester app and it will not produce a pop-up during the 10 minutes that the MBAE app is running in the task bar (see attached). please advise on next step to get this awesome product back up and running.
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