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  1. circut

    Data Collection Options.

    Drove-boy here, dump that garbage just like MBAE and MBAM, and others like Zone Alarm, Facebook, google, yahoo, twit (er). You know all the good old boy's programs from silicon valley.
  2. circut

    Data Collection Options.

    I see the same even though "Submits" are unchecked, and upgrade to new version unchecked. Malwarebytes is more interested in telemetry then a useful product. Have a life time lisence for MB3, wont use it for this reason (SPYING). ?
  3. circut

    About exploit protection

    Thanks for leaving notifications when protected open. Also when adding apps to list after browsing to location, have it remember the last browse location. Thank you.
  4. circut

    About exploit protection

    Will it hurt to add "Palemoon64" since it accepts it? Be nice to show notifications when protected, like the stand alone version (MBAE). Just giving one the option would be nice. Thank you.
  5. Palemoon is on the protected list, what about 64bit? When adding Palemoon after browsing to C:\Program Files\Pale Moon will not add it to the list, since it is already listed. But after browsing to C:\Program Files\Pale Moon and adding Palemoon"64" application name will add it to the list. Is the default list protecting the 64bit version?
  6. circut

    Updates not updating

    That's what they all say.
  7. circut

    Updates not updating

    I don't and won't send logs on a stable release! Privacy concerns. I would for beta testing only.
  8. Same problem "Updates: Out of Date" No infections here! Another garbage release!!!
  9. I was the one of the first ones to bitch about the first release of MB3. Shouldn't been released so soon, that's water under the bridge. Knew it would take time, and now it is working fine a little fine tuning and will be great! Just rushed it a little to fast. Working fine Windows 7 64 I know the cost of living in silicone valley, got to get that green stuff no matter what.

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