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  1. Currently using EAM + MBAM + MBAE Still figuring out if i should use eam, bitdefender or kaspersky...
  2. Do you guys think MSE + MBAM Premium and MBAE Premium would be good enough protection?
  3. And will malwarebytes ever release an Anti-Virus that will have full protection with mbam and mbae inside it with many more feutures
  4. What would be the best protection to not get infected? I wanted to run MSE + MBAM Pro + MBAE PRO but i don't know if that would be enough?
  5. Kaspersky Antivirus 2016 or Bitdefender antivirus plus 2016? So I've seen sooooo many reviews on how bitdefender is better but there are like none 2016 version reviews that show me what av is actually better. I don't really care about the features like game-mode, i just want the best protection. Could anyone please help me I want to run this along malwarebytes anti-malware premium. Oh and If I would have Kaspersky/Bitdefender's real-time-protection would I still need malwarebytes real-time-protection? Thanks!
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