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  1. Hi, Ran a scan and 3 files were highlighted as being malicious. These are from the Winmerge app which I have been using for some time. Attached is the log of the scan and the exe and quicklink files that are being flagged. Can you advise as to whether these are truly malicious or false positives? Thanks. malwarebytes-120920.txt malwarebytes.zip
  2. Apologies if this was the wrong section. For future ref where would this type of query be best to post?
  3. Hi, Recently read https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/fake-paypal-site-spreads-nemty-ransomware/ which details info on a fake Paypal site and the Nemty Ransomware. The article says "Fortunately, the malicious executable is detected by most popular antivirus products on the market. A scan on VirusTotal shows that it is detected by 36 out of 68 antivirus engine." however based on the Virus Total scan it looks like MB doesn't detect the ransomware. Can you advise if this is the case or if MB does in fact detect Nemty? Elaine
  4. Thanks Stefan. Updated MB3 and all well again. Will this update be pushed out without having to force an update? Thanks to everyone on the forum who added to this post. This is a great community
  5. Yes I imagine there will be quite a few people affected. Lets hope the issue is sorted asap.
  6. Yes exactly the same here. Wondering if this is related to a combination of MB and BT?
  7. Thanks pixelpebs. Are you using BT? I just asked someone else on another ISP and they don't see this, neither does my hosting company! And when I try to go to the starfieldtech.com website I can't connect to it - I get various error messages e.g. can't connect - then goes to MB blocked screen, or the site is flagged with an SSL error.
  8. Any site using a starfieldtech.com SSL is being flagged by MB as Riskware.
  9. Hi, Site with SSL using the seal.starfieldtech.com seal (IP 68. 178.177. 7) on the site is being flagged by MB as "Riskware". The SSL was purchased from GoDaddy and seal supplied so not sure why this is being flagged? Can you advise? Thanks, Elaine starfield.txt
  10. Hi, Any news on this? Thanks.
  11. Hi, Thanks for your replies. Re: The block in this case is IP based, rather than domain/hostname based. This is what I'm seeing when I hover over the link. Elaine
  12. Hi, The following website hxxp://wordpress-filter.com/ is being flagged as Malicious by Malwarebytes. I've checked the site against Sucuri (https://sitecheck.sucuri.net/results/wordpress-filter.com/) and it comes back clean - can you advise as to why MB thinks its malicious? Thanks, Elaine
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