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  1. today i started getting weird calls from unknown numbers, meanwhile mbam mobile keeps saying "mbam doesn't respond" each time i get one of those calls. i also tried to report those numbers through in-app but it crashed. is it me? what do i do?
  2. alright, thank you guys 💗💋 let me know as soon as possible, if you can
  3. i think i've just had a false positive with the MB's chrome extension blocking Discord on browser, meanwhile nothing popped up from the MBAM3 Web Protection. How do i report it?
  4. same problem here since this morning! what is going on? false positive or true?
  5. in Chrome. just downloaded malwarebytes extension for chrome. looks good i'm also using kaspersky extension. can they have any conflict?
  6. hi everybody, i've just updated Kaspersky internet security 2019, and i noticed it goes bad along with malwarebytes. Slow internet + kaspersky's anti-banner doesn't work properly. can a patch be made to fix this?
  7. ParanoiaBoy

    Real-Time Protection causing freezing

    thank you very very very much!! @dcollins
  8. ParanoiaBoy

    Real-Time Protection causing freezing

    any news?
  9. ParanoiaBoy

    Real-Time Protection causing freezing

    here are my logs too, can you fix it soon? how long to expect a fix? if you need to recreate it, just launch any kind of game (ie. fortnite shows the problem with mbam very well), you'll see 3/4 seconds long freezes mbst-grab-results.zip
  10. ParanoiaBoy

    Game freezes for 3/4 seconds!!

    here are the logs you requested! also, i've tried turning ransomware-protection off and, yes, seems that it is the root of the problem! mbst-grab-results.zip
  11. ParanoiaBoy

    Game freezes for 3/4 seconds!!

    sure! i'll let you have them as soon as i can, thanks
  12. since 2 days ago i noticed that suddenly, when i play games, they freeze for 3-4 seconds and this is frustrating. i was about to mess up my computer in order to fix it since i had no clue on what was causing it, since i didn't change anything at all and all was working fine before. fortunately i took a look here and i see other users like @greenbishop are having the same problem; is mbam causing it? why so?
  13. ParanoiaBoy

    Real-Time Protection causing freezing

    @greenbishop I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM since 2 days ago when i play fortnite or other games such as League of legends, i get suddenly freezes that last 3-4 seconds. i was about to mess my computer up but fortunately i took a look here. do you have the problem on other games too? is mbam causing this problem, so?
  14. ParanoiaBoy

    fake facebook wheel prize

    hi @florinch! thank you very much for your help! sadly i don't have any info anymore about that ip since my mom forgot where she went to and i had to delete browser history. i just ran a lot of scans and nothing found, neither blocked the time when she visited it, i really don't know if i'm infected or not.. i changed passwords, just in case anything left i can do?
  15. ParanoiaBoy

    fake facebook wheel prize

    so what should i do?... @pondus

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