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  1. thanks! so it was just a false positive? i wonder why it got detected thanks again for your support, really appreciated!
  2. hello, i can't tell you if it is still happening as of now, since the game developers are still fixing the game after the big update so i can't launch the game properly. anyway, here is the virustotal scan of the file that you requested https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/30ab8a5a1abf6c9daf0a512123a5f771987dfbcbb08e222615b5e3373031b540/detection
  3. hello everybody, i need your help please, today Smite (a videogame made by Hi-rez) had a big update. when i logged in, malwarebytes quarantined the game as ransomware!! is it real or a false positive? i'm attaching the log thank you! smite_ransom.txt
  4. hello everybody, i'm a mbam fan and now a new iphone owner. since this is my first iphone i'm still new on iOS and i'd like to ask you some safety tips in settings, browsing ecc. for example, is there any safety setting i should keep off/on? how do i avoid getting into malicious websites when browsing from iOS and what could happen? how do i keep my data (and, mostly my accounts' data) safe from spying? thanks
  5. i'd really like to receive the beta too how can i get it? i've just received my new iphone 8 but i can't find it anywhere on the italian apple store
  6. perfectly clear. thanks. so basically each app can only steal the data i've given access to. would you forgive me if i may ask you about how iOS works with other kinds of threats? such as when i browse on internet from my iphone, if i get on a malicious website, could it harm me the same way it would on android? such as if i'm on an unsafe wi-fi, could someone get into my phone? i don't know how things like these would turn out with iOS, since i've never owned one. however i'll keep using malwarebytes premium, never enough safety; and i'm not one of those that need to jailbreak their
  7. yeah, i gave it a read, however i didn't clarify much. i mean, there is written "mbam cannot scan your ios for malwares": does that mean that a malware can get inside and i can't find it?
  8. hello! i've never owned an iphone before (android only) and now i'm going to buy a new iphone 8. i literally know 0 about how apple systems work in general, and how they manage security in particular. yes, like the common people say, apple is more "safer" from viruses in general because it is built differently from windows. i'm not tech savvy, and i'd like to know, when i'll get my new iphone, if i'll be as protected as i am currently on android with my malwarebytes premium (since, for example, mbam app exists on both google play/apple store, but i even use kaspersky which doesnt exi
  9. hello everybody, i found some viruses on my little sister's phone and i was wondering if i can get infected on my devices just by being connected to the same home wi-fi thank you!
  10. so, today while i was scrolling my facebook like everyday, i saw some user posting a spam link, a clearly malicious link in a group i was in (it also had a porn image attached) i was wondering if you can get infected just by scrolling and seeing it. i reported it to facebook and covered it.
  11. so was it a false positive? thank you @rakeshsejwal
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