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  1. may I ask, if mbam premium blocked those malicious IPs: did it prevent the trojan to get into my computer?
  2. I'm not as tech savvy, i guess it still does but in a manner that doesn't trigger malwarebytes, i don't know...
  3. Thanks! i'm going to unistall Bonjour too! Please let me know when your team will have any news
  4. to be more specific, I deleted the wargaming dedicated launcher that was using torrent tech, not Steam. i switched TO steam to download that game because i hadn't got any issue with it. I mean, Steam was using torrent tech like 10 years ago, i remember not using it for years for this same reason. but i hadn't any issues for few years i started using it again (i don't know what changed), and i think it's safer than those dedicated launchers.
  5. Hi AdvancedSetup, i really thank you for your quick reply. 1) the Bonjour service: I think it's not malicious, i had it for a long time and it belongs to icloud/apple, something that has to do with iTunes on PC. can you confirm me on this? 2) the directory "C:\Users\Phior\Desktop\Google Drive.lnk -> C:\Program Files\Google\Drive File Stream\launch.bat", I think it belongs to the application that synchronizes my google drive on my PC, can you also confirm this is not dangerous? could it be a dressed up malware? 3) right after the trojan block, yesterday, i immediately stopped the download and deleted the program listed as "C:\\ProgramData\\Wargaming.net\\GameCenter\\wgc.exe" (like i said, it's the game client that was downloading World of Tanks). I really appreciate your investigation with your team on those IPs to check if and what they're spreading. Also, as you can see in this thread, one of that same company's engineers reported the same problem. if this can help your investigation. Looking forward to your answers thanks! I'll do the cleanup fix as soon as possible.
  6. I've just gotten this same problem while downloading World of Tanks from the official Wargaming.net Game Center client described by OP. I then decided to delete it and download the game through Steam, so the only thing I'm downloading is the game and I'm NOT setting up a torrent with malicious IPs. what is "mozi linux malware"? is that the only thing those IPs spread?
  7. Hi everyone! happy new year! I hope you and your dear ones are safe! Long story short, today i installed Wargaming.net official launcher, Game Center. However, right after the download of World of Tanks started, Malwarebytes Premium blocked some IPs due to Trojans. I immediately stopped the download and decided to install and play the game directly through Steam. I guess the Trojan alert was caused by seeding or some kind of torrent p2p technology to deliver the game -and- malwares/trojans with it. googling here and there it appears NOT to be a false positive, as someone stated in an old thread these IPs spread 'Mozi Linux malwares' (I don't know what they are). However, what I'd like to know and what i'm asking you is : am I safe? I am genuinely concerned, and a bit paranoid too, that anything of these Trojans got into my pc and/or opened a backdoor, or scanned ports (the famous "port scanning") in my local network or router. I'm kinda tech savvy but not -that- savvy. I don't know... i run mbam premium and bitdefender total security. Did a run of both scans + adwcleaner and nothing is found. may I rest assured like nothing happened? thank you!
  8. thanks! so it was just a false positive? i wonder why it got detected thanks again for your support, really appreciated!
  9. hello, i can't tell you if it is still happening as of now, since the game developers are still fixing the game after the big update so i can't launch the game properly. anyway, here is the virustotal scan of the file that you requested https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/30ab8a5a1abf6c9daf0a512123a5f771987dfbcbb08e222615b5e3373031b540/detection
  10. hello everybody, i need your help please, today Smite (a videogame made by Hi-rez) had a big update. when i logged in, malwarebytes quarantined the game as ransomware!! is it real or a false positive? i'm attaching the log thank you! smite_ransom.txt
  11. hello everybody, i'm a mbam fan and now a new iphone owner. since this is my first iphone i'm still new on iOS and i'd like to ask you some safety tips in settings, browsing ecc. for example, is there any safety setting i should keep off/on? how do i avoid getting into malicious websites when browsing from iOS and what could happen? how do i keep my data (and, mostly my accounts' data) safe from spying? thanks
  12. i'd really like to receive the beta too how can i get it? i've just received my new iphone 8 but i can't find it anywhere on the italian apple store
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