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  1. oh okay, great to hear. As I have never had to deal with something like this before this has been a big help and is nice to know everything is in order. Thanks a lot -21trial21-
  2. Hi, thanks for your quick reply. I have attached the logs for you to check out FRST.txt Addition.txt
  3. Hi So last night i was an idiot and trusted someone on my friends list on steam and so I clicked a scam link he sent me thinking it was legit. I immediately realised my mistake but it was too late as he had already had access to my account and i was kicked out of steam and couldn't log on again. I then panicked and checked my e-mail address linked to my account, only to find that all my emails had gone and the only thing left was 1 folder from years ago. I then went onto my McAfee and completed a full scan only to find that nothing was detected. Anyway I then shut my pc off because I was worried more info would be leaked to the hacker, I then went onto a different pc and changed my passwords of my E-mail address and did some research. After hearing about malwarebytes I booted up my pc and ran a scan and malwarebytes found two files and one was called Backdoor.bug and was made out to be a legit file from valve. So I was just wondering if anyone could tell me if I need to do anything else to ensure my pc is safe, I suppose I could re-install windows but is there a better option? or am I fine after using malwarebytes? P.S. I am really impressed with malwarebytes and will be purchasing premium as it saved my ass
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