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  1. I already write it down in my topic ( "It cost some patience....) at page 2 but as we al know in win 10 if it is pro or home ( I use both ) there is a differance between reboot or close the system and start let's say the next morning when you close down and start up MBARW wil be green and protection is enabled But for any reason on windows 10 home or pro a reboot is nessecaire you'll see that MBARW is red and protection disabled and you have to start it manually I have one old laptop with Win 7 Here is the program really steady..................you always have to start protection manually
  2. The problem solved itself after I reboot yesterday when all my updates of windows came in I manually start protection and it was back normal again
  3. I will not, I have set my protection in other programs and will not even think about it again.
  4. Two years ago it was recommanded by my banque so I installed it what hell I removed it asap all things slowed down my browser was disturbed and I couldn't open my forums I used to visit And it cost me a lot of effort to get rid of the rubbish program and I phoned my banque had a big argue with them next time they want to misled people just stay with in their buissiness and not step out they do already a great job on the financial market misled people so hands of my computer system please. So I don't like the program at all, ik brought me nothing but a headage
  5. After a few days with the beta 4 I have no major issues But I see a random where it comes to the manually start the protection at the start up of the system. On my Win 10 Home en Pro most of the time it seems all right and it shows the dashboard green and its already protected But as we all know in win 10 there is a differance between a reboot and just shut off your system and start up let's say the nex morning In the last case it always is good, MBARW is green and protection is started In the case when I have for some reason have to reboot one of my Win 10 systems ( no differance between 10 home or 10 pro ) MBARW always come back disabled and I have to enable it manually Not a big issue, but it seems just not something random, there is a habbit in it. For my Win 7 system, mostly all the time I have to start protection manually and that gave me no problems until this morning it came out like this ( see my attachment ) So tell me... Is my Win 7 system fully protected or not?
  6. Since Ocobre I joined here I think this is the third avatar I see from you @AdvancedSetup. Before the christmas tigers you had another one, but I can't remember but I'm sur it was something else than the the one with christmas so now you change for this one makes 3 in 5 moths
  7. you're welcome I always say: when something seems to good to be true mostly that's what it is
  8. I think it is something it's not set well in group policy for I leave this topic
  9. @Daledoc how did you manage that to insert the video or is the problem solved???
  10. omg also with the youtube this is going far hope this is solved soon Third time with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mB96PRTDt2Y#t=74 just copy past the link in your browser and press ENTER its YOUTUBE Sivert Hoyem - My Thieving Heart [feat. Marie Munroe]Video A nocturnal light shines over Sivert Høyem's new album Lioness. The Norwegian rock artist is still moving through a shadowy landscape, but the shades are cast by a warm light. Høyem is the holder of a voice that should be considered one of Norway's natural resources, he possesses a control of timbre and a command of phrasing reminiscent of a classically trained musician. On this album, his voice is brought forth, not just by the utterly solid band he has assembled, but also by a rich, organic tapestry of strings and acoustic instruments. Lioness is an album pulsating with warmth and life. Lioness is in many ways a nocturnal album; it evokes moods belonging to the night. Most of the album's ten tracks contain references to sleep, dreams or the night. There's also a playfulness and sense of freedom about this album, not least to be found in Høyem's vocal delivery, spanning from mellow baritone through gritty blues phrases to inspired soul falsetto. Høyem produced the album in collaboration with his long-time guitarist Christer Knutsen, who also contributes keyboards and backing vocals. "We didn't spend too much time with the band in the studio," Høyem says about the recording sessions. "We worked out the arrangements beforehand, and were mostly concerned with getting the right feel on each song when we recorded." Also featured on the album are Øystein Franzvåg on bass and Børge Fjordheim on drums, both from Høyem's regular live band. Following the more dense darkness of his previous releases, Høyem this time has made an album that breaths and lets the light through. Synthesizers and electronic devices are scarcely to be found here; the scope of expression is all in the hands of the musicians. Høyem's acoustic guitar is a central element throughout the album. Knutsen's electric guitars underline Høyem's voice and melodic details, or paint with broader brush strokes, contrasting the shimmering strings, arranged and conducted by Jan Martin Smørdal. Everything pulls in the same direction. Lioness was recorded at Oslo Klang with Bjarne Stensli engineering, and mixed by Tchad Blake at Full Mongrel, Wales. The mastering has been done by legendary Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, New York. Lioness is a classic album in many ways. It draws lines to some important points of reference in the history of popular music. But it is also a release that on the basis of its sheer strength of songs and level of production may easily be reckoned an album classic. Høyem is a dedicated and hardworking artist, and on Lioness his abilities as a singer, songwriter and bandleader come together wonderfully.
  11. What do I do wrong? I can't insert a video?
  12. I have no Idea why it post me twice, first it wont post for me, with the attachment so I cancelled it insert it with a photobucket link the image, and when I post it came out like this, is there a goast on the forum ??
  13. AdvancedSetup (Ron) We just wait for that 1 post to come that makes the 60K complete It's a lot of contribution you brought here to the forum a lot of "footprints" you have left in those 8 years you've been around here. ( hope they put the crown on you and remove the christmashat )
  14. Congratulations AdvancedSetup (Ron) We just wait for that 1 post to come that makes the 69K complete It's a lot of contribution you brought here to the forum a lot of "footprints" you have left in those 8 years you've been around here
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