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  1. Just for 20 miniutes now it happens to me that a one after another pop up fo MBAM bloqued malicous website and pop up really every time when I open a new tab

    in chrome even when I open a website in a new tab even tried open this forun in a new tab guess what the pop up showed up not that anything was bloqued but

    it is not right. I even cleared out my chrome and started all over all  my fixed tabs ( about 24 !!!!  ) still nog get them all back in place. But every new tab it shows

    I also delete the chrome theme and leave it blanco.

    After that I tried what hapened in the Firefox browser and guess what MBAM has really some nerves this afternoon, the same thing showed up

    here  are both screen cuts from one occasion in chrome and one in firefox 

    there were more differant IP showed up 


    And it just won't stop. I don't where it comes from, now it seems something normal, and why it come back time after time, previous bloques where never coming back again. 





    Yesterday a great Legend  of the Dutch soccer dies at age of 68.  Even my 13 year old son was sad. 

    I'm watching a nice compilation of the past and another one  found on the FC Barcalona channel ( true Barca Fan here. so )




  3. You have to select the app too in the list and set it on  ( under system) 

    I made a screencut for you sorry it's Dutch but you can see what I mean. 




    I took a closer look at the dashboard of MBAE and I found that in the settings you can turn on and of notifications and I test it 

    and indeed when I leave it open there are no notification banners and sounds and when I select it there is at the moment I start up

    my browser.

    Hope it wil work now ;)



    anti exploit  App.JPG

    notifications MBAE.JPG

  4. I'm surprised to found out this late afternoon that Hitmanpro Alert is  stil not on the white list after this many betas 


    glad it is stil in my exclusions 


    I have Hitmanpro Alert running on my Desktop with Win 10 pro

    and it's nog a problem just  when you make a scan and at the moment you clear it out MBARW comes up its  a ransome


    and mention that it is in quarantine 


    in my case HMPA was already in exclusions so no harm done 

    but I was surprised since this was mentioned from the start as a FP

    and that is still is not whitelisted

  5. It took me long to come back with an update her, so you could say everything was all running fine, well it was running fine at least it still is on my Toshiba with Win 10 hom 64 bit and it stil is on my Desktop with Win 10 pro 64 bit 


    But the old Acer with Win 7 really give me a great burden with MBARW beta 5 


    it was not so hard with the previous versions but with the beta 5  it was also a real fight to get it installed in the first place and after that it was getting real on my nerves every time I had to start up my Acer. Now

    for you to know, I'm not using it often and mostly for testing things or to run something for a case that need to be done on a windows 7 so the laptop is started up  several times a week and moslty when I want to use it, I want my hands on it right to the point and that was a though one.


    At start up everything started up normal on al my systems the same MBARW  is the last one to start up and apear on the task bar,  on the both win 10 that all went very fast no problem.

    But the system of my acer  just could not handle it though the prevous versions gave me no problems


    As I say at start up my Acer everthing loaded in and than I had to wait almost 10 minutes before MBARW apears on my task bar and in the meantime everything is frozen I can't do anything or open other programs.

    Just when at least MBARW was loaded and everything was fine, nothing wrong with the program it was enabled no problems with that. Also no FP's  so I closed down and it was in the background but after closing down I stil had to wait for more than 5 minutes until the system was calm down and ready to open my browser or another program. This thing was something that made it hard to work on a fast job when was needed and I had to remove the program from my Acer. 


    But I still use it without any problems on my Desktop( that one is build for heavy duty ) My laptop ( Toshiba)  is not as strong but with a 6 ram and not much jobs to run at once on it, it's also not a big deal for that one.  

  6. Not an overly inspiring singer, a good voice but basic to me. She does have a few visually stimulating music videos where the producer or director did pretty well. Thanks for the share though

    that's exactly what I think of her too  I found a few nice music videos and songs that inspires me (I shared before 2 others, I'm not sure? )   and that I have with a few more singers 

    not the complete repertoire that I like but some songs or texts that touches me or just inspires me or it's the music or the melody or the the complete version of video song etc 

    it depends also my mood


    But I think that is what music is made for 


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