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  1. Yes, that's right in Windows 10 the tray gives a sound ( when activated sounds messages ) when you opens your browser that it's protected by MBAE free and when you open the message tray it is mentioned. It is not something that belongs to the MBAE but to windows 10
  2. I think the post count of 100 is fair enough. By than you know for sur someone is really participate seriously on the forum and not a spammer.
  3. no work without music, this one came to me on another platform and now listening
  4. that's a normal thing I see it on several forums, this is the flood control It is also for dealing against spamming from machines You just can have a bit patience and wait
  5. oh yes Flash Back Friday sounds good Golden Earing here is my flash back for the friday
  6. Waww what a voice of this young girl Anna Graceman nice songs the other video is from the Dutch Television also beautifull talent ha!
  7. @Firefox I like the music I post this one before I think, anyway it's in my favorites and I have it on my back ground when I want something calm to work with
  8. For everything is a first time, you passed the test
  9. I'm surprised to found out this late afternoon that Hitmanpro Alert is stil not on the white list after this many betas glad it is stil in my exclusions I have Hitmanpro Alert running on my Desktop with Win 10 pro and it's nog a problem just when you make a scan and at the moment you clear it out MBARW comes up its a ransome and mention that it is in quarantine in my case HMPA was already in exclusions so no harm done but I was surprised since this was mentioned from the start as a FP and that is still is not whitelisted
  10. It took me long to come back with an update her, so you could say everything was all running fine, well it was running fine at least it still is on my Toshiba with Win 10 hom 64 bit and it stil is on my Desktop with Win 10 pro 64 bit But the old Acer with Win 7 really give me a great burden with MBARW beta 5 it was not so hard with the previous versions but with the beta 5 it was also a real fight to get it installed in the first place and after that it was getting real on my nerves every time I had to start up my Acer. Now for you to know, I'm not using it often and mostly for testing things or to run something for a case that need to be done on a windows 7 so the laptop is started up several times a week and moslty when I want to use it, I want my hands on it right to the point and that was a though one. At start up everything started up normal on al my systems the same MBARW is the last one to start up and apear on the task bar, on the both win 10 that all went very fast no problem. But the system of my acer just could not handle it though the prevous versions gave me no problems As I say at start up my Acer everthing loaded in and than I had to wait almost 10 minutes before MBARW apears on my task bar and in the meantime everything is frozen I can't do anything or open other programs. Just when at least MBARW was loaded and everything was fine, nothing wrong with the program it was enabled no problems with that. Also no FP's so I closed down and it was in the background but after closing down I stil had to wait for more than 5 minutes until the system was calm down and ready to open my browser or another program. This thing was something that made it hard to work on a fast job when was needed and I had to remove the program from my Acer. But I still use it without any problems on my Desktop( that one is build for heavy duty ) My laptop ( Toshiba) is not as strong but with a 6 ram and not much jobs to run at once on it, it's also not a big deal for that one.
  11. The name of the program is MBARW as a matter of fact MBAR is refering to the anti-rootkit program just saying
  12. that's exactly what I think of her too I found a few nice music videos and songs that inspires me (I shared before 2 others, I'm not sure? ) and that I have with a few more singers not the complete repertoire that I like but some songs or texts that touches me or just inspires me or it's the music or the melody or the the complete version of video song etc it depends also my mood But I think that is what music is made for
  13. You have to download the new beta from the link in the introduction topic
  14. I have calibre on two systems running without problems, but I always check for the latest update of my programs and calibre now runs version 2.50 And you are right it is a legitiem program no doubt about that
  15. I tried on my win 7 5 times untill it was installed, so try again, just be patience you can read my feedback on it in my topic https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/177763-it-cost-me-some-patience-but-it-is-installed/?p=1019022 (copy paste if you want to read it sorry )
  16. I noticed thanks already installed on my systems see my topic with it went not smooth on all 3 the feedback is in my own topic on that
  17. So here I'm again with the story of the new release of beta 5 of MBARW I saw mentioned the beta 5 was coming up so I look into the intro topic and yes It was there so I start on my desktop with Win 10 pro that went real smooth fast and yes after it was al finished it was al enabled I then downloaded it on my laptop toshiba with Win 10 Home and all went fine till the point of closing down the aplication automaticly, I tried anyway but it just al went in error and I also did not see the previous so I installed it again no succes I than downloaded it al from the start and try it all over again and than it went fine pfffjj I reboot the machine te see if it really was working out as promissed and yes it did, everything enabled after reboot And than came the turn of my Acer with win 7 Take a deep breath I downloaded it and again came an error message leave me now an option to ignore that came to me once and ignore worked out than......not now Ok again retry no go cancel I tried a fresh download and guess what all fresh downloads came out not to be a binary file What to do...........count to 10 and just try again to install with te file wat was already downloaded I think that was my fifth try........................................ again the message came with cancel/ retry/ ignore I chose ( I felt it was a tombolla or something) retry closed my eyes count to 30 and opened and looked at the finish buton so I said For God sake please let it be good this time and I pressed finish and.................there was...............nothing I was kinda disapointed sat back looked at al the icoons on the startpage realize the startbutton of MBARW was still on it's place. So I clicked to open it up and it opened yes But it was disabeled but at least it had the new version so I enabled protection and it was fine I reboot the laptop to see if it was really good or just something that would stay like that And guess......after the reboot it was perfectly well and the program was started up and enabled automaticly So what can I say It cost me some patience but it is installed.......................... beta 5 up and running on my 3 systems and all fine working
  18. That's good news I'm looking forward to see the release of the next beta
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