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  1. same here,  but that's something that happened not only recent and can as well be a server problem have that problem also on other forums from time to time it's something that occurs. The best thing  to do is just when it "hesitates" just refresh your page and than it will pass your post and not cliq again submit reply so you avoid the double postings

  2. I joined a lot of forums and also build one myself, used also many with the so called WYSIWYG editor but all of them have a button on the display of the editor wich says 

    SWITCH EDITOR MODE   that  is important, because when you added that one a user can decide for himself wich mode he wants to create his or her text.

    any forum software has the possibility to activate this switch editor so hope you can change this for everyone asap. 

  3. In the first place you better stay safe than sorry and store back ups from your data on external hard drives for example, and that's also advice you can give friends and family. And not open any suspicious files that comes in by email. I really bothering my friends and family with my advises and press really hard on them to invest a litle of money into a premium protection to be safe. A lot of my friens come to me and ask me questions because I share a lot on my social media so I tell them the best is to instal MBAM premium in the first place.


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