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  1. It is possible to get it back so i found on the support of IPS as I posted before
  2. Oh true @yardbird you mentioned it before. Hope they will bring back the post count, seems possible, if they wish to do.
  3. For what I ve red on the IPS support there is need of sort of a plug in in order to get the post count set in the forum, I don't know if they have that plugin, it's free https://invisionpower.com/files/file/7644-mtm-ye-olde-post-count-of-yesteryear/
  4. you can see that above in the adress url of your browser like yours is #comment-1030127 as I can see
  5. You have to cliq on the + button of every post of a topic you want to quote @daledoc1
  6. @jenterI think you should have covered your email adress in the picture, if you don't want a mass of spam to send to your adress in the future since this is a public forum everybody can read the content of it.
  7. same here, but that's something that happened not only recent and can as well be a server problem have that problem also on other forums from time to time it's something that occurs. The best thing to do is just when it "hesitates" just refresh your page and than it will pass your post and not cliq again submit reply so you avoid the double postings
  8. I had a look at the support forum of IPS, made myself an account, but that gives me not much hope
  9. I joined a lot of forums and also build one myself, used also many with the so called WYSIWYG editor but all of them have a button on the display of the editor wich says SWITCH EDITOR MODE that is important, because when you added that one a user can decide for himself wich mode he wants to create his or her text. any forum software has the possibility to activate this switch editor so hope you can change this for everyone asap.
  10. @daledoc1 I agree with you on that. I miss the list on the forum index too when you just could see the new topics and post with a wink of the eye. for now I just have to do with the list under unread content. Though it must not be so hard to restore in any forumversion the new topic feeds on the Indexpage. Hope they will do that asap.
  11. I cliq on unread content and gives me a nice list of the last our and today topics I didn't read already for me its fast to see what I missed
  12. In the first place you better stay safe than sorry and store back ups from your data on external hard drives for example, and that's also advice you can give friends and family. And not open any suspicious files that comes in by email. I really bothering my friends and family with my advises and press really hard on them to invest a litle of money into a premium protection to be safe. A lot of my friens come to me and ask me questions because I share a lot on my social media so I tell them the best is to instal MBAM premium in the first place.
  13. Problem solved, it is over now. Everything is back normal again both in Google Chrome as well in the Firefox browser no problems anymore
  14. Ok thank you I will just wait when the storm is over than try not to pay attention for the moment
  15. Just for 20 miniutes now it happens to me that a one after another pop up fo MBAM bloqued malicous website and pop up really every time when I open a new tab in chrome even when I open a website in a new tab even tried open this forun in a new tab guess what the pop up showed up not that anything was bloqued but it is not right. I even cleared out my chrome and started all over all my fixed tabs ( about 24 !!!! ) still nog get them all back in place. But every new tab it shows I also delete the chrome theme and leave it blanco. After that I tried what hapened in the Firefox browser and guess what MBAM has really some nerves this afternoon, the same thing showed up here are both screen cuts from one occasion in chrome and one in firefox there were more differant IP showed up And it just won't stop. I don't where it comes from, now it seems something normal, and why it come back time after time, previous bloques where never coming back again.
  16. @daman1 I think for now you must have more than 200 post count, it worked for me above than just be patience and when you have something very need to change send an private message to ask one of the adminstrators want to change it for you if not just wait, no need to be mad about it.
  17. Yesterday a great Legend of the Dutch soccer dies at age of 68. Even my 13 year old son was sad. I'm watching a nice compilation of the past and another one found on the FC Barcalona channel ( true Barca Fan here. so )
  18. You have to select the app too in the list and set it on ( under system) I made a screencut for you sorry it's Dutch but you can see what I mean. Edit: I took a closer look at the dashboard of MBAE and I found that in the settings you can turn on and of notifications and I test it and indeed when I leave it open there are no notification banners and sounds and when I select it there is at the moment I start up my browser. Hope it wil work now
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