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  1. For me having cursor issues in too,  wanted to change a  quote and I was doomed,  once the cursor is in the quote lines it wont    get out  out of the lines even when I decided to post and edit.  

    Also  when I saved the edited quoted  surprised that in my editor remains the quote in copy and I couldn't delete it and somehow

    so then I was stuck with my cursor again in the lines of the quote. 

    When doing a second quote it came in that empy lines  but no change my cursor came outside 

    to type any text outside the quote. 

    I posted it and try to edit but als no go,  the cursor remain in the quote lines.  

    so quotes and cursor  together is also a an issue of its own I guess


  2. Oh well, now something new comes arround the corner.  @Tarun  You think that it might be related to the os and the browser so that would be something if the editor would be just rule out some os and browser.

    My OS is Windows 10 pro 64 bit and the browser is Chrome Version 51.0.2704.22 beta-m (64-bit)   and it doesn't work so perfect for me either.

    I can try on other browsers too for the differance, also on my Windows 7/ Win 10 home    Firefox, Edge  IE, but I don't think that will make it better or worse 


  3. Hello Positron,

    You still have problems? 

    With me everything is fine, but it seems Youtube change a bit the layout maybe that causes some pauses locks. 

    Just try refresh or wait and try again. 

    When everything is fine with your internet, nothing to worry about.

     to be sure, open a video from another site, to check it out.


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