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  1. You can read this topic about the post count numbers missing ( it's in progress ) https://forums.malwarebytes.org/topic/180162-in-progress-no-more-post/
  2. just red the news too RIP Prince Who didn't listen to Purple rain I did
  3. Vous redemarrez votre ordinateur encore?
  4. ohh a hell of a job all the previous guides have lost their images this must solve in an other way to show it back again
  5. The forum was down yesterday and after it was back up this issue has shown up seems related to the firefox browser so check it out
  6. in some cases the 60 secondes is long and I would say make it 30 seconds to show up in the list if that is possible why not
  7. No, but It seems the refresh interval has totally disapear now or did you turn that off?
  8. Oh yes, there must be something to see before we can watch it
  9. I don't know but no I don't see your signature, but I see others and I can see mine, in other topics maybe you have turned it off in your profile settings? Edit: I can see yours now
  10. I would say just a widget with "new topic" with the reply count was enough the widget with post feeds with also a part of the content of that post is not recommended to dislplay on the index, just the post and the name who replied.
  11. @daledoc1 you got points, I'm with you, and point 2 is a good one, I was thinking the same, that one is confusing indeed. Hope that's possible. If they can make it in a line, hope so since it is a widget, I think it will stay float like this ( point 4 )
  12. Well it's not always her I have one that's coming out exact nice with no lag
  13. the lag in terms I know, but It's better than nothing and must say that. And the lag is not always the same during the day, I noticed that too.
  14. when looking for spammers it's very usefull, to have it on the index. Hope now we have it back we will not have the to discuss again te remove it now please
  15. Today I noticed no refreshments at all I have to do it manually all the time. Don't know if it's only with me, but other forums are normal refreshing so I don't know if its a problem here or on my side ??
  16. woww awesome, amazing also nice to watch the how it works video what a job to build this
  17. No I wait, but not to discuss HMPA here now, thanx for the information @daman1
  18. maybe with the new update it's solved now I have to try that later on hope that it's fine for me too
  19. @daman1 when they run no problem but when I make a scan and want to clean up the problem came to me.
  20. So Yesterday the update came automatic to my desktop win 10 pro and today started up my laptop win 10 home and also with no problems for my laptop everything went smooth no problems this round with the updates so everything fine here
  21. Same here for 2 days now and a real slow respons when cliq or refresh things and just all seems to be the worst around this hours of the day
  22. It is possible to get it back so i found on the support of IPS as I posted before
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