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  1. Today I noticed the share options are missing in the section Malware Removal Guides and Self-Help Guides Until yesterday I had no problem sharing the topic to my google+ but today I noticed the options of sharing to social media are no longer available . Since until yesterday I was able to share I looked into previous topics but also the options are gone. I posted now with a dry link but it show not as good as with a share direct from the topic, hope the share buttons will be back, thanks
  2. I got 36 minutes ago an email notification of your post @David H. Lipman Only 35 seconds after the browser notification and your posting (sorry couldn't answer right away I was bussy ) I'm on gmail
  3. I had one this morning with no delay at all.
  4. oh yes, that's the guitar play to enjoy
  5. The design is way better than before. I noticed it already when reading some blogs
  6. You can never stop it all, but I must say that I have never seen it so bad on any forum than on this one and I join a lot of forums. And I also cannot understand why it is possible to create such usernames with just random letters and numbers and it can pass than it must be at forehand not be possible to create imho .
  7. Ok, the issue seems to be solved I'm now logged in on both my laptop AND my desktop
  8. Yes, I tested it It's true, normally it was no problem I was logged in on both my laptop and my desktop, so it's a new policy than. maybe?
  9. Khadijah

    wi-fi issue

    Never had any problems with my windows 10, when it comes the connection to wifi, neither with Windows 10 home ( the upgrade from windows 7 ) nor with my Windows 10 pro wich I bought and did a clean install on my new computer al working with the wifi no problems at all. I'm really pleased with my Win 10.
  10. Well, maybe the moderator can split my part in a new topic than, for my part and so your issue wil stay clean, sorry that @daledoc1
  11. Here is a screen shot to show when I just posted my previous post and the one of daledoc1 was remain in my after posting on the same time that I open the topic what always surprises me, on every forum when you post the whole line of the topic refresh with your post imediatly you see my post is good "just now" so why does the post of daledoc1 stick on that 9 minutes ago as it was that I opened that time the topic? so after I refreshed I came out like this : And now you see actually how all that post stay frozen in the topic and the delay here is 5 minutes
  12. I know it is not about the widget a I have seen it even in topics @daledoc1
  13. the buggy delay is not only in the widget, you misunderstood that
  14. I puchased with paypal myself with my bank was instant withdraw to my paypal account and it seems now I only have to worry every year the amount has to be in my Paypal account and will be withdraw automaticly by Malwarebytes. So easy it is
  15. I can scroll from top to bottom in two seconds if i want. @John L. Galt But You can have a mouse as fast as a rocket that brings you to the moon in 2 seconds but that will not solve the problems with the delay because that's not only a problem of that widget I saw that even in an open topic on diferant posts and when I post it was not even right just when I had to refresh the time came in good again and I've seen for example in the past weekend a delay of 20 min.
  16. Yes for that matter I agree with you @John L. Galt, but for trackin fast the new created topics I can see it fast in a wink of my eye, and don't need to scroll up and down the index, all the time just refresh end that tiny space of that widget. But I have noticed there are time periods it is really bad (delay is up to 15 min. ) and time periods it is like the "normal" delay ( 6 min.)
  17. It's good you brought it up again @daledoc1 I noticed it has been realy bad, the pas few days even worse too. Only with constant refresh of the browser I could stay a bit up to the new posts, but even than sometimes it shows just now but in real already the delay is 6 or more minutes, and I'm really close to it in times.
  18. For me having cursor issues in too, wanted to change a quote and I was doomed, once the cursor is in the quote lines it wont get out out of the lines even when I decided to post and edit. Also when I saved the edited quoted surprised that in my editor remains the quote in copy and I couldn't delete it and somehow so then I was stuck with my cursor again in the lines of the quote. When doing a second quote it came in that empy lines but no change my cursor came outside to type any text outside the quote. I posted it and try to edit but als no go, the cursor remain in the quote lines. so quotes and cursor together is also a an issue of its own I guess
  19. Oh well, now something new comes arround the corner. @Tarun You think that it might be related to the os and the browser so that would be something if the editor would be just rule out some os and browser. My OS is Windows 10 pro 64 bit and the browser is Chrome Version 51.0.2704.22 beta-m (64-bit) and it doesn't work so perfect for me either. I can try on other browsers too for the differance, also on my Windows 7/ Win 10 home Firefox, Edge IE, but I don't think that will make it better or worse
  20. Sorry, I overlooked that, so that is something to worry about. Does this happen to all files MBARW put into quarantine in this BETA version ?
  21. I have had FP with MBARW But you have to reboot first after that you come back to the quarantine and select again the line and cliq restore than you find again your file and put it in exlusions You can read my expirience here if you wish https://forums.malwarebytes.org/topic/177763-it-cost-me-some-patience-but-it-is-installed/
  22. Hello Positron, You still have problems? With me everything is fine, but it seems Youtube change a bit the layout maybe that causes some pauses locks. Just try refresh or wait and try again. When everything is fine with your internet, nothing to worry about. to be sure, open a video from another site, to check it out.
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