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  1. I looked and understand.....so there is no way to delete all those files and come back for help? If not could you recommend another way to go.ie. A self help guide or something or someone? If not thank you anyway! Marc
  2. Because of the movies that I have downloaded? I deleted utorrent so that is all in the past....
  3. Hi mate, I have attached both files to this message as instructed.... PS. We live close by, I am Scottish but live in Croatia.... Addition.txt FRST.txt
  4. Hey and thanks... I use lastpass on chrome, will that be gone or is that safe as it has my passwords?? I do also download movies so I will uninstall that and be back shortly....also what about files on my desktop, like work files etc, should I back them up or they will be safe??
  5. Hello guys, I am having the problem of everytime I use spybot or Adwcleaner to remove Malware it keeps coming back....I read the thread below and am happy to donate to someone who can help https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/163153-persistent-malware-invading-chrome-windows-7/ This whole search turned obbession started with one of my main money sites feeling wrong and stats not adding up. I make my living online as an Internet Marketer but am sure that someone has targeted either my system or has something like a backdoor into one of my wordpress sites. The site is thewolfofonlinemarketing.com (I have quite a few more but everything is hosted at the one place) Because everytime I run the adwcleaner or spyware and always see new HKUS and ActiveX malware I decided to use the wordpress paid plugin Wordfence and also bought sitelock for my main site....after buying this from sitelock they told me that I would have to pay extra because it could be another domain that is hosted on my business hosting with hostgator, I kind of felt that this girl from sitelock was just desperate to get me to buy more stuff.... Anyway whatever is happening to my laptop and site needs to stop for my own sanity and income...even though I make my money online doesn't mean I am very "Techy" so if anyone can help I would be very grateful and of course donate (if you guys still do that), Don't think that I have left anything out but really need the help... Regards Marc
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