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  1. @Aura. It worked exactly like that in the beginning. But towards the end Microsoft made changes to the Directory so much so that it was no longer a pop up ad but a popup upgrade. One click and I'd have been on the upgrade path. Check the Internet for other complaints and you'll here of many unwanted upgrade. ALSO read the description of that KB303 update, and there is no mention of Windows 10 in it. That is dishonest. I had to change my settings to manual updates to make sure that the KB responsible for Windows 10 upgrade remains uninstalled. So potentially opening my Computer up for security threat. In essence I'm protecting myself from Windows 7 updates and my protection is putting my computer at risk.
  2. You mean to say that unwanted "updates" that have nothing to do with updating what one has signed up for, are different from any other Candy add ons that want to do the same thing? So what is your definition of malware then?
  3. Why is Malwarebytes not picking up on the very aggressive attempts for users of Windows 7 and 8.1 to change to Windows 10, when obviously they're not ready or don't want to. I have set my Windows 7 updates such that all of the updates are automatically loaded for installation. I FULLY expect that ONLY Windows 7 updates should be installed for updating my Windows 7, not updates that Microsoft wish to have installed so that I will change to Windows 10. For me there is little difference with malware. As the Windows 10 update, which now stretches to more than that irritating KB3035583 update that I've had to repeatedly uninstall, has caused me to turn off automatic updates and have my Windows on Manual. There is no transparency on the side of Microsoft as if you check KB3034483 there is no clear description of its attempt to get one to upgrade to Windows 10 either. And now Microsoft is catching on that there are users getting rid of those updates, they're adding others, like KB2952664. I also have legitimate Dell software on my computer - like in the same class as Microsoft - legitimate, that if I should have a problem one day, a technician will be able to remotely assess my computer. Yet Malwarebytes has quarantined that as malware, which I'm very happy with, as I agree that it is a security threat. BUT, why isn't Malwarebytes quarantining Windows 10 similarly when it is on a Windows 7 system? I'm not protected by Malwarebytes in this regard and it's a threat to the security of my computer. I don't want to fiddle with my registry. I don't mind a certain amount of advertising by Microsoft but PLEASE PLEASE don't use the security update feature to do that to the point of forcing me to upgrade to Windows 10. I not have to take protective measures to protect myself from inadvertently upgrading. I'm not ready for upgrading to Windows 10. I have an old printer, and don't have the time to figure out how to make it work in Windows 10. I also have very old software that may become obsolete when I change. I need some time. And I DON"T MIND to pay for the next Windows. Microsoft is not doing me any favours here. Microsoft is presenting a threat to me. And I want Malwarebytes, for which I'm paying, to check on Microsoft's aggressive attempt to force me to change to Windows 10. Even to the point of quarantining the changes that Microsoft wants to make to my directory. Can you please help me here. I've had to uninstall KB3035583 twice, and hiding it and with each attempt Microsoft attempts to get past that have become more aggressive, like someone is out there to catch people who uninstall it, with other updates. That is unethical! If I don't want Windows 10, then I should have a choice in the matter. I also hate wasting time trying to get out of the updates, and I'm now worrying that having disabled the automatic updates, I've put my computer at risk. Can Malwarebytes step in please? Create something in the scans so I can quarantine any Windows 10 changes to my registry that I haven't asked for.
  4. Malwarebytes is blocking my access to dot.tk. I like dot.tk and have had dot.tk domains over a number of years. So find that intrusive. The intrusiveness grew into frustration when I tried to create an exception, and Malwarebytes doesn't allow on to create exceptions for sub-domains of dot.tk. Dot.tk gets excepted, but the English version of dot.tk does not. FINALLY after doing repeated searches and wasting LOTS of time I figured out how to disable Malwarebytes when I wanted to access dot.tk. And that temporarily solved my problem. So now for the Moderator who didn't think much of my previous report and locked it behind me. Here is step by step evidence of what happens when I try to access dot.tk while Malwarebytes paid version is enabled: 1. This annoying pop-up pops up repeatedly. 2. I can't access dot.tk. This is the message that comes up. 3. Then next this happens. I get the connection was reset message as my browser won't allow me to get access any longer either, and then after plenty of searches finally discovered a way to get myself out of this situation. I disable Malwarebytes when I need to access dot.tk. And that works! When Malwarebytes is disabled I can access dot.tk immediately. I recently had to think whether I wanted to stay with the free version of Malwarebytes or go for the subscription. I subscribed, however am now learning why I will not continue my subscription at the end of the subscription period as I don't like this kind of intrusion. I also don't like that I have to prove my case to Malwarebytes. When I first mentioned that dot.tk has been blocked by Malwarebytes the Moderator had something negative to say in response and locked the thread. I understand this must be the flip side of added security, but I can do without this degree of intrusiveness.
  5. OK, I've calmed down (for a few minutes) and have figured out how to disable Malwarebytes through the recommendation about exit out of the system tray. Still not happy though.
  6. I'm really upset with the paid version of malwarebytes. It's just to darn intrusive for my liking. Can you believe it? Blocking dot.tk so that I can't get into the Website? Problem is that I put an exception in for dot.tk, but dot.tk resolves to english. So malwarebytes isn't flexible enough to allow for dot.tk/en/etc. It just POINT BLANK without any choice on my side block it. Now that will be a very good reason for me to get rid of the paid version as I need to be in control of my computer. And of the software on my computer. I still don't get it how I can disable malwarebytes so that I can get into dot.tk. Only solution for me now is to completely remove it from my computer. Get some other protection instead.
  7. I am VERY IRRITATED with Malwarebytes. I put in an exception and it totally ignores it. dot.tk is BLOCKED AGAIN and AGAIN. Can you please fix this IMMMEDIATELY. I subscribe to Malwarebytes and I'm on the verge of removing it completely. I'm FED-UP with people controlling my internet experience from my computer in the name of security. I should have A CHOICE to decide whether I think it is safe or not to use dot.tk. By the way I have been using dot.tk LONG BEFORE I every subscribed to Malwarebytes.
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