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  1. Installed, rebooted and tested OK. No errors at all, thank you.
  2. Seem to have got round the problem on my PC. De-installed Chrome and Flash Player. Went to Settings >> Advanced Settings in MWAE and unclicked DEP Enforcement for Chrome Browsers Deactivated Shield in MWAE for Google Chrome (under Shields tab) Reinstalled Chrome and Flash Player Reactivated Shield for Google Chrome in MWAE Re-checked DEP Enforcement for Chrome in MWAE All seems to be working OK now.
  3. Add my name to the list of affected users. Can't access Chrome at all. Chrome Version 49.0.2623.112 m MBAE Premium Avast Ver. 11.1.2253 Rapport Ver. 1.14 (build 1609.47)
  4. Answering my own question. I feel a bit stupid, but it's simply a case of changing the default system notification sound. (please feel free to remove this thread.)
  5. I am using the free version of Anti-Exploit to compliment my Anti-Malware Premium product. As I use my PC to record my music I need to be able to disable system sounds so that they don't cause problems and interruptions with my recordings. As far as I can see there is no way to disable the sound Anti-Exploit makes each time a browser loads. Is there a work around for this?. I really would like to purchase the full product, but I can't commit until I can control the notification sound. Thanks Gex
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