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  1. Is it ok to also use the Malwarebyte Browser Guard with Chrome?
  2. Hello Porthos:) I followed your instructions and enclose the latest version screenshot, which hopefully is the current one and also the mbst-clean-results.txt, which I have also sent as zip file. I will let you know if I crash again. Thanks again for the help. mbst-clean-results.zip
  3. Thanks Porthos:) - I always have this enabled - I updated again just now - This is the result (screenshot) - I see the update package version has changed from earlier today - 1.0.21450 to 1.0.21452. Thanks for advising...
  4. Thanks again for your reply:) I have the latest version of Malwarebytes. I believe that there was a new version in the last hours (screenshot enclosed). I will try again to see if the new version has resolved the issue. Hopefully it will do so. I will let you know what the result is. This issue occurs maybe once or twice daily. I will enable web protection and try again to see if things have improved. the windbg detailed .dmp file that I sent you indicated an possible issue with Malwarebytes. However if there is a crash I will check out any new minidump. There was an earlier issue with Malwarebytes browser guard but I have temporarily disabled that, as it is better to test one thing at a time. Best wishes.
  5. Hi there:) I tried again logging in using safe mode with networking a few minutes ago. What I should have done before was to right click the desktop and tick display icons. I was then able to run the Malwarebyte Support tool again - Sadly the result were the same with the same error message! I tried a final time after uninstalling Zemana/VoodooShield/Sandboxie/ShadowDefender/ with no luck and same error - I can confirm that all these programs were originally disabled before I ran the support tool as I anticipated possible conflicts. I also confirmed the first time in Task Manager that no security programs were active.
  6. Re safer networking - safe mode - I was able to login, but could not see any desktop icons, only black screen. The toolbar was ok at the bottom of the screen. Your help is appreciated.
  7. Hi there:) I enclosed the two Farbar results. No luck with safer networking safe mode re zipping Addition.zip FRST.zip
  8. Here is the zipped file - I will do what you suggest now - Many thanks mbst-stub-results.zip
  9. I found a file called mbst-stub-results.txt. I can zip that myself and send it to you if that would be any help?
  10. Thanks exile, I did as you asked but got a message unable to create zip file (see screenshot).
  11. Hi there:) Before posting here I ran Windbg (+ !analyze) and saw Malwarebytes listed. Over a week I tried surfing with web protection enabled and disabled on different days. Result - No blue screen at anytime when web protection was disabled. Blue screen each day when protection was enabled. I think that am using the latest version of Malwaarebytes V 4.1.0 I enclose .dmp file 032420-9421-01.dmp
  12. Many thanks:) Reinstalling the extension works for me. For the benefit of those not reading the info in this forum, it might be an idea when people are updating their MB software, that a message is sent advising all to uninstall and reinstall the Browser Guard extension. Best wishes - Howie:)
  13. I will do that and report back - Many thanks gatortail - Merry Christmas in advance to you and your family.
  14. Same issue - Clearly there is currently a problem with the latest version of Chrome ! I have disabled the guard in Chrome extensions temporarily until the issue is resolved
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