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  1. You would think there would be a way to burn the creeps doing this kind of stuff. Honestly, its annoying when such blatant scams as this and the FBI page one harass you on random sites.
  2. I had an issue similar to that when I used my phone or computers browser on questionable sites. The pop up that comes up is actually triggered by another window that suddenly opens in the browser. If you can manage to close both the popular then that window, you are golden. Problem is, it reopens pretty damned fast. Hopefully this is the type of issue you are having. If you ran across an actual download, my sympathies. Best you can do is reboot your phone or computer in safe mode and hunt for the problem that way.
  3. Hi, I've had malwarebytes for a while now for my phone but now this message (Database update failed) keeps happening every hour. I had to push the updates back to every six hours just to keep from getting a notification for them. Its really annoying. I've tried to uninstall and reinstall but its the same deal. Its bad enough that if you stop a scan it just starts up on its own a short time later, but this is near infuriating. What going on?
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