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  1. I haven't seen it any more after that above mentionet occasion, but I'll cap it if it happens again at some point. EDIT: I just noticed Firefox displays "Notifications blocked" icon next to HTTPS:// icon in URL bar, could that have something to do with this if the pause symbol looking thing had something to do with notification blocking on the site?
  2. I'm not sure if you don't know what I mean or the other way around. To be more specific, when this occured and I was watching the name of the tab, on the left there was the M logo of MBAM company, next to it was pause symbol looking thing and to it's right was the name of the forum thread that was open in the tab, and the symbol between MBAM logo and the thread's name was also visible when I checked the browser history, but disappeared when I clicked the thread open again from there. I'm not sure what any of this would have to do with loading of images, nor being optical illusion.
  3. Thanks, glad to know this! I guess Winstock & Tracing key cleaning is also some harmless thing Adwcleaner regularly does during Cleanup?
  4. I did a new forum thread just a while ago, and after posting it I noticed the Firefox showed a bold pause symbol (two vertical thick lines) in the tab's name next to MBAM symbol of the forum site, which also appeared when I checked my browser history of recently viewed sites, but it disappeared from the tab name when I clicked the site open. I haven't visited this forum in a long while so I wonder if that's because of some sort of new feature?
  5. I installed Adwcleaner few days ago and have kept it since I heard it can be casually used to occasionally scan pc every now and then since it shouldn't disturb actively running antivirus or anything. I've noticed though that whenever a scan ends and the program turns out with report showing the pc is clean, the program still switches "Scan" button to "Clean" button. Though I'm not sure if it has began to just do that or I haven't simply payed attention to it before. but I wonder if it's natural for Adwcleaner to do that. I decided to press "Clean", and after Adwcleaner succesfully rebooted my
  6. Hello again! Just to be sure my slip with Farbar didn't mess up anything, I decided to perform additional scan and insert newer logs to the post. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  7. Sorry about long description, but I want to give all the info I can for someone who coud help me with this. Yesterday evening I noticed MBAM premium trial version (installed automatically with newest version update) giving few similar notifications of "Malicious website blocked", but all the report showed was an IP address being blocked instead of a webpage (and all I had open when these notifications first began to spam was Youtube. The IP address was similar to the IP of my PC and our Samsung television that has an internet connection, minus the last number (my PC IP ends with .100, but t
  8. I installed newer MBAM 3.0.6 and got automatic premium trial with it. Today just a while ago I got "website blocked" notification for the first time, but it seemed to be targeted towards Skype. I checked the list of reports and it had three identical reports with exact same date and timing. Apparently whatever was blocked was from skype.exe. It also had an IP addres which doesn't belong to me or my household's router: IP: C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe False positive maybe? What's confusing is that on the MBAM menu it showed it ha 6 instanes of
  9. Ok thanks for the info! One rather wacky thing I notice whats that when I checked my browser history, newly inserted "Malwarebytes Forums" had some sort of bolded pause button (two thick vertical lines) at the beginning of the website title and was, but it disappeared once I reopened it. Probably some sort of bug?
  10. I entered the forum today after few weeks and I noticed the domain was blocked by Noscript, even though I remember whitelisting it. Then I checked my browser history noticed the forum domain I had switched from ".org" to ".com". Was domain change like this indeed performed at some point?
  11. So yeah, I noticed MBAE icon suddenly disappearing from the right of my taskbar. Also did the desktop shortcut and I cannot locate it's folder in Program Files either. So it seems the application just uninstalled without any trace. The only thing I can recall is installing new Malwarebytes 3.0.6 with automatic premium trial into my PC. I heard from reddit users that 3.0.6 automatically uninstalled it. However, since it is still premium trial version since I just installed it, should/could I reinstall AE after trial expires?
  12. Those two settings have been on during the time while I've had this issue.
  13. My reinstalled MBAE worked fine until this morning when it once again didn't give any "Browser is now protected" notification or didn't update it's logs and I had to log out and in on m Windows 10 user again to get it to work.
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