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  1. Same problem as@Homer712, using same bat file. disabling Ransomware solves the slow down. Previous version works s it should.
  2. Thanks for notifying support - all sorted with new key.
  3. Ticket number 2691290 was sent to me on Tuesday 20th at 09:03, haven't had any response since. Still getting "Licence Black Listed". This licence was purchased in 2009 and is for a lifetime . Not happy with the response time.
  4. I have a ticket 2691290 which I started yesterday. Have already tried to deactivate this licence and it shows the activation button but , it doesn't work. Thanks for removing the image, I realised my mistake as soon as I posted. That image was the one I sent to support.
  5. I have two lifetime licences one of which as been black listed for no reason. My machine was updated to win 10 18362.295 and since then MB has reverted to "Free". My Subscription account is showing me to activate this licence but, it won't. Any help would be great.
  6. So all of a sudden you have decided that Raxco is malware. if that's the case how come my PerfectDisk is not seen as PUP, which is the same software from Raxco?
  7. Any reason why your latest data base is blocking Raxco.com. Also my software PerfectReg ( from the same company) has now been flagged as PUP.
  8. If that is some kind of piss take, then keep your comments to yourself.
  9. Thanks for your response but, I have no intentions of using the latest version, once the support for version 2 stops, then it's good bye.
  10. Thanks for taking the time to reply but, I'm not a beta tester. I expect the software to work. along with everyone else that purchases your software. I think most people are fed up with the -try this or that attitude. This version of MalwareBytes should never have been put on the market until it was proven to be a complete working piece of software.
  11. Having tried the latest version of MB, only to find that my machine has now slowed down when opening any programs I have now reverted to the older version 2. It does the job without slowing anything down. It seems that you have taken a program that worked and turned it in to something that I can only describe as totally useless bloatware. I understand the need for companies to upgrade their software to get more revenue but, your latest rendition is just - well not to put it bluntly - rubbish.
  12. What as total mess. This version 3.6 is a joke, not only does it slow down my PC unlike your previous versions I just don't understand why you felt it necessary to add all this crap. I've gone back to version 2 and when you no longer support that version then good by MB.
  13. Getting the pop up warning protection disabled when it's not. I thought this had been fixed in ver 3 .0.5.
  14. I had the same problem and by chance I uninstalled Samsung's Magician and for what ever reason the pop up stopped. Like you say, every protection is enabled but still you get this reminder. Booted several times now and no problems.
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