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  1. Is there a secret to finding where to submit a ticket? They seem to want to remain anonymous.
  2. Hello, Having an issue and I can't figure it out. I've spent hours Googling. Here's the background... I manage the website for a small non-profit. We purchased five emails from our host, GoDaddy so we could have our own name in the email addresses, i.e. joe@howitzer.com. I set it up with Gmail to retrieve and send. Everybody knows gmail. That went fine. All five people access the same gmail account and work within their own folders. We did this for a couple reasons, high turnover on an annual basis, and cross-access when a person is unavailable. Emails are set to automatically go to a specific folder depending on which email address it was sent it to. All is good, everything is working well, except for one thing... When multiple emails are sent it is deposited in only one folder. It's not uncommon for, say, somebody to send an email to three people. It needs to be deposited into all three folders, but it's only going into one. How do I get it to properly distribute to all the folders/addresses it was sent to? Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I have been using Cute FTP for years, and now out of nowhere I am getting the following error message when I try to launch the program... System error - RichEdit initialization failed. Please make sure that the latest RichEdit libraries are present. Google searches are no help. No two sites suggest the same solution, and there seems to be no simple straight forward solution. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. I am running Windows 10 Professional. My computer is a laptop purchased about six months ago. This is the first time I have tried it since about August, I believe, and it worked fine then.
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