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  1. I tried that first, but it didn't work. Then I called Frontier (My isp) and they sent me a brand new router to use. I installed that and the detections still appeared. I erased all the data on this computer after that and reinstalled windows to start from a clean slate, but the detections STILL came back. Everytime it happens my computer seems to slow down and my internet connection speed drops. After all that I came here to ask for help, as this is clearly an issue out of my skill level, lol.
  2. Reinstalled Google Chrome, but I still get the outbound detections. It also started appearing while using other browsers like internet explorer recently, albeit a lot less often. Also, originally the detections didn't seem to appear while using my laptop, but now they started poping up on that as well. I'm starting to get really worried.
  3. I was wrong about the issue. I still need help please! Here is the FRST.txt and Addition FRST.txt Addition.txt
  4. I discovered the issue, it was a router infection. I'm getting it sorted out now, but thank you for the reply TwinHeadedEagle!
  5. Hi, I've been having some trouble dealing with some outbound detections anytime I open Google Chrome. I usually get about three pop ups from Malwarebytes everytime and my computer seems to slow down when it happens. I've tried to get rid of it myself, but I'm not having any luck. Hoping someone can lend a hand.
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